As part of my bio-resonance daily regime, I run a cell protection frequency using my HEALY FREQUENCY DEVICE. I do this to energetically protect the integrity of my cells, namely my DNA. This program can also be used extensively when you are doing work around clearing family patterns.

I was guided to run the CELL PROTECTION FREQUENCY daily when I became aware of mRNA SHEDDING/TRANSMITTING from people who have chosen to take the JAB. We are all have had interactions with people who have chosen to take the COVID JAB whether or not we realize it. They say that skin to skin contact is how it is primarily transmitted.  

Many who have been in contact with those who have had the JAB have shown symptoms of REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES such as menstrual abnormalities, bleeding, hormone related issues and infertility to name a few.   

On the 10th June 2021 I saw a client who was booked in to have the ASTRAZENICA JAB following her session with me. She worked in a nursing home and felt pressured into having the JAB even though it didn’t make sense to her to have it. She told me that she had a strong immune system but felt guilted into having it because the official line is that we have to protect other people.  

My client informed me that most of the elderly residents at the nursing home she is employed at have had the COVID JAB which she suspects to be the ASTRAZENICA JAB. We discussed her health and she disclosed a few concerns that included stress and anxiety. She also mentioned she experiences extreme itching in her vaginal and womb area.

I have started to use the HEALY FREQUENCIES in my HOLISTIC PRACTICE with AMAZING RESULTS. What I found particularly interesting in this session was that I was guided to run a CELL PROTECTION FREQUENCY for mySELF before and during my session with her. Working in the QUANTUM FIELD has shown me the POWER of INTENTION during this process. MY INTENTION was to PROTECT MY CELLS from mRNA TRANSMISSION and I am finding that it is not only protecting me but PROTECTING OTHERS in the sense that of all days to see her was the day that she was to receive her COVID JAB, thankfully she decided to CANCEL her COVID JAB APPOINTMENT.

My Client was oblivious to UNCENSORED MEDIA INFLUENCES and based her decision on the information at hand. In order to offer her more information so that she can make an INFORMED DECISION I sent her the link to my TELEGRAM CHANNEL:, my YOUTUBE CHANNEL: and my BITCHUTE CHANNEL:

I also ran the COHERENCE FREQUENCY to tap into the COLLECTIVE QUANTUM FIELD to CO-CREATE WITH THE DIVINE that which is ALIGNMENT with HER DIVINE SELF. It was a beautiful process that brought INNER STRENGTH and PEACE.

To finalize the session I ran a LEARNING-STRESS ACUTE FREQUENCY so that she could learn a NEW WAY OF BEING. I love how this session flowed with GRACE and EASE! 

HEALY LEARNING SYSTEM: Whether at school or learning online: This helps you absorb knowledge faster and easier.

STRESS ACUTE – Supports mood improvement via cranial stimulation in times of acute stress. This program delivers frequencies that support a relaxed state of learning.

LEARNING SYST – Bioenergetic activation of the CNS of the ability to learn and retain learning. This program is used where the person has been challenged for a long period of time and finds the ability to learn and retain information to be a core issue.

LEARNING ACUTE – Supports focus and retention through cranial stimulation.

MEMORY – Energetic stimulation of the brain metabolism and support knowledge retention – This refers to the way that the brain circulates glucose and oxygen supplies to the neurons / nerve cells, that carry valuable information creating important “neural nets” where information can be stored and then later retrieved.

CONCENTRATION SYSTEMS – Bioenergetic optimization of the oxygen supply. This ultimately assist with higher states of concentration. This program focuses on frequencies that work at the systemic level.

CONCENTRATION ACUTE – Bioenergetic support via cranial stimulation for focus, acute states ofconcentration and the ability to ignore distraction.

EXAM SYSTEMS – Relaxation support before exams through cranial stimulation. These frequencies focus on systemic energy balance that support calm mental states for exams.

EXAM ACUTE – Energetic balancing of acute mental disharmony and anxiety before exams.

STRESS SYSTEMS – Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power. This program addresses deep rooted stress states around learning.

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