Letter Writing Workshop

The Commonwealth Custodian Remedy

As you begin your Journey as a Commonwealth Custodian, you will progressively move out of the public and into the private. You will become the executor of contracts for your unincorporated Natural Private Person, then claim your Estate as the Occupant of the Office of Executor and then place the Estate into Trust and become the Trustee/ Executor of your Estate.

As you begin to unravel yourself from the system and ‘come out of her’, you will need to know who you are, where you stand and where you get your Authority from. The reason we find ourselves as slaves in “The System” is because we have been deceived and the deception begins from when you are born and the creation of the “Birth Certificate” which creates the Incorporated Legal Person/Fiction.

Everything you know or think you know about This World that we live in, is a lie. The fact that you are are reading this is a clear sign that you are waking up and are seeking a remedy. The Commonwealth Custodians has the remedy.

12 Steps to Freedom

  1. Join the Commonwealth Custodian Website, www.commonwealthcustodians.org When you do this you are showing that your natural born or pledged allegiance is to The Commonwealth of Australia and are a National of The Commonwealth not a “CORPORATE AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN”.
  2. Download the Compendium which is located on the Commonwealth Custodian website in the document library.
  3. Become the Executor for Contracts for your unincorporated Natural Person that has an A.B.N. This tells The System that you are not incorporated into it.
  4. Claim your Estate with the Testament to Will by Proclamation, Claim of Right, Occupancy of the Office of Executor, terms and conditions document. You then become the Executor for your Estate. This document is available on the Commonwealth Custodian Website: www.commonwealthcustodians.org
  5. Learn how to write notices and letters as the Executor for contracts for your unincorporated natural person with and A.B.N.
  6. Move out of the public and into the private.
  7. Purchase an Authorised King James Version Bible (1611). This bible is God’s law book.
  8. Obtain your live birth source document.
  9. Set up an Express Trust with the Commonwealth Custodians and become the Trustee for your Estate.
  10. Learn how to operate your Estate as a Trustee.
  11. Relinquish all political affiliations. Do not vote for a political party, they are essentially franchises of the United Nations. We vote for Public Servants not Politicians.
  12. Know that you are not a corporate “AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN”, you are a Commonwealth National. We are not Sovereign we are Sovereign as a people. You are not a Sovereign Citizen; Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron and are regarded as terrorists by the Corporate Government.

Letter/Notice Writing Tools

  • Red Ink Pad
  • Red or Blue Pen
  • $1.00/$2.00 Stamps
  • $1.00/$2.00 International Stamps
  • Pack of ten green Australia Post tracking envelopes
  • 1611 Authorised King James Version Bible

Important Information

  • You are writing your letters as the Occupant of the Office of Executor for Contracts with your Unincorporated A.B.N.
  • Your Correspondence if Private and Confidential.
  • You always come in peace.
  • Always keep the original letter and send them a copy.
  • Use calibri (Body) font.
  • Purchase a file and keep your letters as evidence, you may need them at a later date.
  • Use a reference number for your records and record them in a book.
  • Include a copy of your Testament to Will by Proclamation, which is your terms and conditions of contracting.
  • Keep your font the same size with not bold or larger font.
  • Purchase a file and keep your letters as evidence, you may need them at a later date.
  • Your Office address is on the right hand side of the page, because you are in credit.
  • The Office you are writing to is on the left hand side of the page, because they are in debt.
  • It is best to get a Locked bag or a General Post Office Box Number as an unincorporated business. Your living man/woman occupies this office for the Natural Private Person.
  • Your address is your place of domicile.
  • You domicile in the Commonwealth of Australia. Your domicile is your permanent place of living. If you are a resident, you owe a debt of allegiance to the Occupiers under military law in the occupied territory.
  • Never add post codes. If you need to on the envelope ensure it is written in a box.
  • If you are adding numbers, ensure that they are in brackets for example; [123]. This relates to the four corner rule, everything within a box does not exist on the page.
  • Your thumb print is your seal.
  • Red=Living man/woman, Black=Corporation, Blue=Government/Office, Purple=Spiritual/Sovereign.
  • Autograph not sign. Signature is unreadable and an autograph is readable.
  • Place a $1.00 stamp on the top right hand corner of the letter sealed in red ink with your thumb print and autograph across the stamp at forty-five degree angle.
  • International Stamps are backed by Gold and are used in setting up your trust documentation. Depending on the importance of your correspondence, a normal $1.00/$2.00 whole denomination stamp will suffice.
  • For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 Authorised King James Version Bible. This relates to witnessing documents.
  • If you adding their legislation to your letter you need to put this into brackets. if anything is in brackets, it doesn’t exist on the page, but they can see it.
  • Write the date in old English, for example; The nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-two or as the first day of the first month in the year two thousand and twenty-two. Never write the numbers eg: 8.1.2022.
  • Write the tracking number on the letter under your address and place the green tracking sticker under the tracking number.
  • Always include a 1611 Authorised King James Version Bible verse as this is God’s Law. Bible gateway is a great resource.
  • Always begin your letters letting them know who you are or reminding them of who you are. For example You, John are officially notified that Jane is the Executor for contracts for the Jane Doe [ABN: 123456789],
  • Estate. You are also, notified that I am a Commonwealth National and not a Citizen of the “CORPORATION OF AUSTRALIA”, the counterfeit look alike that has been installed by stealth and subterfuge.
  • Be clear about the intention of the letter.
  • Stick to one point. If you include multiple points, they will choose the weakest point and address that point.
  • Always include the word correspondence in your letters because correspondence means contract.
  • You always act in honour. You can decline the first offer, and counter offer all other offers to contract. If a Government Corporation is notifying you that you owe them [$20,000], counter offer them and cross out some of the zeros. Send in a bank cheque, if they cash it then they consent to your offer. 
  • If you ignore their correspondence then you are acting in dishonour.
  • If offers to contracts are addressed to your Corporate Legal Fiction, this is not you. You can write on the unopened envelope in red pen; Unclaimed Mail, Return to Sender, Cross out the name and write Misnomer, put a cross through the address and write Wrong Venue.
  • If you have opened the offer to contract, you can write on the envelope opened by mistake.
  • If they don’t respond to your letter, always add that their silence will be their acquiescence.
  • Make sure everything is presented to you in writing.
  • Underneath your autograph write;

By: minister, “your Christian name”, Executor

Christian name and family name, Estate


  • At the end of your letter write all rights reserved.
  • When binding the documentation do not use staples, glue the top left hand corner of the pages with a tiny spot of glue.