I recently did a reading for a client using the Love Your Home Insight Cards and the message was simple, yet profound. Make space in your life for you!

Using the general meaning list it was easy to get the gist of the reading and to clarify a message. (https://dawnkelly.com.au/love-your-home-insight-cards-general-meaning/)

BATHROOM: The bathroom card is all about PERSONAL CARE. You are being asked to look at your health, hygiene and your general wellbeing

SPARE ROOM: The spare room card relates to PERSONAL SPACE. Are you feeling cramped or restricted? Perhaps you need to rearrange your time and/or space for something new in your life?

YOUR PRIORITIES: The ‘your priorities’ card asks you to review your priorities. You are being asked to look at what is really important to you in order to help release the ‘overwhelm’ in your life.

I provide domestic support for this busy working family, who doing their best to get ahead in life. This reading was focused on the mother of the house who is giving and generous and it is clear that her family are her priority.

If you are reading this right now, then perhaps you need to examine your life and look at where you sit on your priority list. If you are a caregiver or nurturer of others then it is time to devote some time in your life to make space for nurturing and caring for YOU