A very exciting day in the SUPREME COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. In the matter of the Defendant, Paul-anthony and the Plaintiff, THE BANK (undisclosed), Paul-anthony presented himself as the Executor of the Paul Anthony Connell, Estate.

Paul’s Wing Women; Anita and Dawn

It was quite surreal to witness the course of events unfold. Presenting as the Executor, the Registrar was reluctant to accept that Paul-anthony was the Executor in this matter and at one point confirmed that there was an adverse claim against the living man…. ooops!

The bank had the intention that court orders be placed to remove Paul from his property that day.

Paul-anthony 1; BANK nil!

A nail biting hearing resulting in the hearing being adjourned sine die and the plaintiff’s costs be in the cause, fixed in the sum of $495.00.

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View from the Loo at the Supreme Court!
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