By Wendy Schultze

During our last lock down in Western Australia, I just got a thing happening in my mind and wrote a crime against humanity report against the WA government. Here it is…

Wendy Schultze


The Western Australian Legislation for covid19 Response Order 2020, Is an unnecessary, unreasonable, disproportionate use of power by the Politicians of Western Australia.

The 2020 act is an unlawful subversion of the Australian Constitution and the Australian Bill of Rights by the Western Australian Government. In Australia every holder of the office of Police is required by law to record and investigate every reasonable allegation of crime. (Failure to do so is a serious neglect of Duty under the Police Act).


  1. There has been NO PANDEMIC in Australia. There were 28,000 less deaths in Australian in 2020 than there was in 2019.
  2. There has been NO PANDEMIC World Wide the Planets Population growth rate actually increased in 2020.
    Year Population Growth rate
    2018 7,591,515,998 1.11%
    2019 7,674,314,992 1.09%
    2020 7,756,041,003 1.06%
    This is from world population history. Source United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division
  3. There is NO PANDEMIC in 2021. The population of the world in June 2021 is 7,899,165,160 this SHOWS CONTINUED GROWTH
    REPORTING THE UNLAWFUL Western Australian Legislation for covid19 Response Order 2020.
  4. There has been no significant increase in the overall death rate IN ANY COUNTRY, with or without lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing or vaccinations. Another example is the UK. This compares total death rates for the last 15 years, and as you will see the
    death rate in the UK in 2020 is comparable with pre 2010 death rates.
    (a) I _________________ therefore honestly hold the reasonable belief that Members of the Western Australian government have KNOWINGLY enacted the unnecessary, unreasonable, disproportionate therefore unlawful Western Australian Legislation for covid19 Response Order 2020.


  • Misconduct and/or malfeasance in Public Office
  • Treason against the people of Western Australia
  • Subversion of the Australian Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Criminal Fraud
  • False imprisonment
  • Terrorism against the people of Western Australia
  • International Criminal Court Act 2001, Schedule 8: Article 6, GENOCIDE and Article 7, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (b) Every holder of the office of Police is required by law to record and investigate every reasonable allegation of crime I the above named hereby require you:

(1) Record this Crime Report
(2) Supply me with an official crime reference
(3) As a matter of urgency investigate the alleged crimes, starting by verifying the assertion in the first
paragraph of this report.

Signed and Witnessed by:



I was working that day. At 8am the first client of my day was a friend. When I asked; she was happy to be the witness on this crazy impulse. On the spur of the moment we both decided to go to the police and submit this crime

Anyway…. We got down there and the police were all in a dither…
It was a super amazing event for them to terrorize the population into masking, closing their business etc. — as the criminals in power had demanded them to do.

These poor police are so “stupid/uneducated/into power trips/whatever — that they don’t care to follow the laws of Australia. It probably gives them personal stress relief to just throw their power around — so they do…

The station door was closed because of the illegal and not passed by parliament “mandates”. Of course the police don’t understand this…
So, I pressed the buzzer — and peered at the front desk where they were all masked pretending to look very IMPORTANT — such are their levels of low self esteem. Through the intercom they questioned me why I was there.

I very calmly stated “I want to report a crime.”
They asked; “What sort of crime?” I looked deeply into the station at them all huddled around the front desk about 6 metres away and I answered; “A crime against humanity” Yeh… I am not sure they actually listened because they were so hyped up with the COVID THING.

So… I am guessing they didn’t know what to do. Someone decided to actually come out of the station and “deal with us”. A very unskilled, stupid treasonous officer came out and asked myself and my friend to wear a mask. We each said “I’m exempt” as we all are…
The UNLAWFUL mandate states that: “If you can’t breathe freely with a mask and have difficulty breathing you don’t have to wear one…”

OK it says this in other ways but basically that is what it says… The illegal mandates state that you don’t even have to get a Medical persons permission.

All of this is in clear sight but most people including the police are so brainwashed they don’t care to uphold their freedoms. By the way our Australian constitution is very clear Australians can’t be coerced to do
medical things by the government. Most people watch so much TV and read the newspapers they don’t think to actually read the law.

The Biosecurity Act of 2015 states that if you don’t have a INDIVIDUAL, PERSONAL BIOSECURITY CONTROL ORDER issued by a Biosecurity officer, you can’t be asked to weak a mask.

Geez — this stuff could not get more weird if it tried.
The dumbo Police officer then did a little two year old TANTIE (Australian for tantrum) and demanded that she see our exemptions. “Or we would not be allowed into the Police Station”

I knew that this was illegal for her to ask but… I pick my fights — I let her see my exemption. Sometimes it is better to let things go through to the keeper and allow the process to unfold…

Luckily for me I had a photo of my exemption on my phone so I showed her. She allowed me to come into the station but would not allow my accomplice — in this most wondrous event — come in, as she didn’t have her exemption with her. I then presented the document to the front desk officers. There were around five of them hovering around the desk because they nothing to do because of the “lock down”. Well, this created much confusion, confounding thoughts and weird behaviours from the front desk Police officers.

They let me stand at the counter as they perused my document for about 10-15 minutes — this is a very long time when alone with adversarial people… Anyway, I decided to just focus on peace, joy and freedom so stood there feeling these emotions while they each looked at my document and fussed around.

Finally… they asked me to sit in the waiting room as they would give my crime report to someone who was more able to deal with it…
I had client to see at 11 am and this was about 9.30am. I sat there in the waiting room for 10 minutes 20 minutes half an hour…

Finally after about 40 minutes a Sargent came out from a side room and in a very formal and demanding way asked me to come into an interview room. I calmly went along to this tiny intimidating cell of a room with this man who had his mask firmly in place.…breathing his own excrement…
… shortening his life minute by minute…

NOT MY PROBLEM You can”t make this stupidity up…
I am wondrous at the lack of critical thinking and sheer unconscious obedience of human kind. So… He pretended to read my document — of course he had already read it and thought I was a tin hat conspiracy theorist.

OK I AM GOING ON AND ON ABOUT THIS BUT … you can’t make this up.
I could see in his demeanour “entertain this stupid old woman… and then get rid of her and ignore the whole thing as quickly as I can”.
It was written in the air around him, his body language and pheromones.
I asked him if he wanted to photograph a document that I had with me that explained the laws of this lockdown.

The actual Australian Biosecurity Act of 2015 and the Constitutional Laws for mask wearing etc…. He briskly declined and gave me the impression that he thought that I was a stupid person to be dismissed, intimidated and then ejected from the station. I asked him to give me a crime report number and he refused. I asked if I could have a copy of my report with the fact he refused to give me a crime report number.

Unbelievable.. He did this — I have a copy of my report with his signature, name and Police number.

This is against the Police code he put himself at huge risk doing this.
Such was his confidence that my report was stupid. He then pretended to read the document again. I was looking at his hands as he was holding the document — at a whim I looked up.

He was looking at me directly in the eyes with the “intimidation” stare of a very experience intimidator. Here was a Police Officer use to getting the people around him to — geez whatever… At least not tell their truth… To feel so afraid that they buckle and give up… I casually looked him directly in the eye and my mind was thinking “this is curious he is trying to intimidate me…”

After that he actually photographed the document that explained the law with QR codes to Australian laws. He then opened up a tad. How he could do that with such low oxygen levels in his brain from wearing a mask is
beyond me…Maybe is has a super intelligent brain when he is not being controlled by the Cabal?

He is just stupid when oxygen deprived and maybe a nice guy when his brain is working? Who knows?

Anyway, we discussed the law — very briefly as he was totally unaware of any laws… Such is the state of our Police officers at the moment. I asked “Do you know the Biosecurity Act of 2015 blah blah?” Answer “No”
“Do you understand the Constitution 109? Blah Blah” Answer “No”. Eventually, he let me go…

This story unfolds…

Wendy Schulze – Physiotherapist
Applied Kinesiologist
Meditation, Ice and Fire walking Instructor
Life Coach