Western Australians are feeling warm and cozy in their bubble of protection. They are incredibly grateful to Saint Mark McGowan for looking after them and keeping them safe from a very well marketed strain of the flu.

On Sunday 31st January Perth, Peel and the South West of Western Australia went into lockdown for five days and we were all forced to wear a mask for two weeks because a man was suspected of having Covid-19.

In McGowan’s press conference he stated that there was a POSSIBLE case of COVID-19 and channel 9 news reported that he COULD HAVE passed on the virus.


A credible source who knows the family of the man in question said that he asymptomatic and was tested twice which resulted in two false positives. He was placed on suicide watch and suffered mentally and emotionally because he was forced into quarantine knowing that he was scapegoated as being responsible for causing WA to go into lock down.

Why would you LOCK DOWN WA and make everyone wear MASKS for a POSSIBLE COULD HAVE situation? My theory is that McGowan’s handlers needed to see how compliant WESTERN AUSTRALIANS would be in a MASK/LOCKDOWN scenario?


The election puppet masters, PECKER MAROO, the private company that owns both the LABOR PARTY and the LIBERAL PARTY were so confident that McGowan won the election that the win was called after only .07% of the votes were counted.

It concerns me that McGowan as PREMIER also holds the second most important role of SELF APPOINTED TREASURER. 


Is WA heading down the same path as VICTORIA and following the footsteps of DICTATOR DAN? One person and one political party should NEVER hold this much power. Where is the accountability and balance?

What will this mean for WESTERN AUSTRALIANS when the next FAKE COVID-19 OUTBREAK is declared? Remember, COVID-19 is so deadly that they have to tell you to get tested for it.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA has been declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY for 12 months based on information from the WHO. This means that we are now actively operating under MARTIAL LAW under guise of the WA PUBLIC HEALTH ACT 2016 and according to their legislation they REIGN SUPREME!

We officially became an OCCUPIED TERRITORY on the 26th January 1910 when 8 HAGUE WAR ON LAND TREATIES WERE SIGNED. The US have been our FOREIGN ADMINISTRATORS since then. We have been lied to for over a century and we are still being lied to.

The WA STATE GOVERNMENT is a FOREIGN VESSEL IN DRY DOCK. They are PIRATES and have no right to be here. They are only here doing what they do because we believe their LIES. When we all wake up to this FACT and begin to COMMAND our OWN VESSELS then we can make them ALL ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! We can STOP them and CORRECT them.


  • To reduce the population by making us infertile, poison us and/or make us sick.
  • Generate profit for Govco stakeholders by opening up a market for new medical products.
  • To control us through medical tyranny, covid apps, social distancing, restrict our movement due to a state of emergency and patent us by altering us genetically turning us into a GMO!
  • Destroying small businesses to create a dependency on the State.
  • Crash the economy and roll in the GREAT RESET NWO!

This is an UNTESTED VACCINE otherwise known as GENE THERAPY!

The Australian Government is responsible for selecting and purchasing vaccines. Vaccines will only be available to Australians once proven safe and effective for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) (external site).

The PFIZER and AstraZeneca jab under provisional approval and has not been proven safe. This vaccine and the other Covid-19 vaccines are in the testing phase. We are the guinea pigs! A state of emergency justifies the roll out of this vaccine.


As a 50 YO in WA, I was eligible for phase 2A! It took some digging to work out what phase 2A actually means…


Phase 1a Clinical Trial means a human clinical trial of a compound, the principal purpose of which is a preliminary determination of safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamic parameters in healthy individuals or patients.

Phase 2a Clinical Trial means, as to a specific pharmaceutical product, the first Clinical Trial in humans that is intended to study the safety, dosage and initial efficacy in a limited patient population and is prospectively designed to support the continued testing of the product in one or more further Phase 2A Clinical Trials or Phase 2B Clinical Trials. A Phase 2A Clinical Trial shall be deemed initiated upon the dosing of the first patient.

Phase 3 is the final phase of clinical trials for an experimental new drug, embarked upon if Phase 2 trials show evidence of effectiveness. Phase 3 collects randomized control data on a larger sample size than in phase 2 and focuses on both efficacy and safety. As a randomized control trial, some Phase 3 participants will receive a placebo and not the study drug.



MY GOAL IS TO PROTECT mySELF, my BUSINESS and my FAMILY. It is very clear that the intention of this government is to VACCINATE EVERYONE!

If/when we go into LOCKDOWN again and are forced to wear a mask, and are blackmailed into taking the JAB, what are we going to do?

My intention is to operate my business in the PRIVATE. I have a PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGN DISPLAYED on my property to show my standing.

PRIVATE PROPERTY SIGNS AVAILABLE HERE https://dawnkelly.com.au/shop/

I also have a 1901 FEDERAL LAND FLAG flying to show that I am of the LAND and that I honour the sacrifice of our ANZACS.

Flags are available here: https://dawnkelly.com.au/shop/

It is vital that you KNOW YOUR STANDING. This means that you know that you know that you know who you are in FACT not in the LAND OF FICTION. The legal system operates in FICTION, the name on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is your FICTIONAL NAME. The police/government/courts cannot do business and make joinder with the LIVING MAN or WOMAN.

Your DRIVERS LICENCE, your BIRTH CERTIFICATE/DOB, your SURNAME pulls you into the FICTIONAL JURISDICTION. When you offer this information your are agreeing to joinder or do business with CORPORATION. You are giving them permission to manage your TRUST for you because you are WARDS OF THE STATE.


I recommend that you look into a claim of the life. A CLAIM OF THE LIFE is a grammar articulation of who you are. It takes you out of the FICTIONAL JURISDICTION into the JURISDICTION OF FACT. FACT and FICTION cannot coexist together. You will then operate outside of your CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST.

You can then become a POST MASTER and COMMAND YOUR VESSEL.


In closing we must UNITE AS A PEOPLE. Support the businesses who DO NOT CONSENT TO CONTACT TRACING AND MASK WEARING. If you are interested in joining our FREEDOM DIRECTORY please let me know.