response = answer 

ability = capacity to act

SELF = One’s own person

What is your capacity to take action and answer for yourSELF right now? 

You are the creator of your reality and you influence how you see the world and what happens in this moment. Every thought that you have made and action you have taken or not taken has led you where you are now.

The only person that you ever have to answer to is yourSELF

Everything comes back to you, all roads lead to home, your home…. YOU! 

On a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional level the consequences of your actions, which is your KARMA has led you to your current situation that you find yourSELF and as we wake up to ourSELVES we truly integrate this wisdom.


I recently discovered some information about the initiation into Freemasonary in which each initiate is led to believe that with each step up the ladder they will receive more light. It isn’t until the 33rd degree that the truth is revealed. The truth is that the light is Lucifer and infact Freemasonary is a Luciferian Cult or Religion. The darkness is revealed at the 33rd degree!

33 is the age Jesus died and was resurrected. It is the number of Christ Consciousness and the Master Teacher. It is also connected with Jacobs ladder, the stairway to heaven and enlightenment. So in a sense, innocence, the Freemasons are in actual fact enlightened to the truth of the Freemasons at the 3rd degree.

Freemason Bible Exposed

We don’t know until we know. It isn’t until we shine enough light upon ourSELVES that our shadow is revealed.


This is a rather interesting question because this in an individual process and it changes from moment to moment. When you are the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF you have the capacity to look deep within your shadow and own your ‘shit’. If you are defending your beliefs and are in a place of SELF denial then you are less capable.

The three principles of the Inner Compass are:

  • To be the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF
  • Be neutral
  • Detach from outcomes

We as a collective currently live in the kingdom of opposites, where up is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good, truth is lies and lies is truth. Connecting to your INNER COMPASS and diving deep within yourSELF and knowing yourSELF is your KEYS to the KINGDOM.


Many talk about going towards the light when we die. A very good friend of mine, whom is now passed over, always said, “Don’t go into the light, the light is the deception, go into the darkness”. He also talked about the great deceptive influences at play in our world.

The only light you can trust is your own light.