Movie Spoiler Alert Warning

The definition of TENET is a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true. Looking deeper into the etymology it focuses on a introducing a statement of DOCTRINE. Doctrine relates to religion.

It is well known that Hollywood is influenced by the Elite 1% and is also manipulated by the CIA. The CIA openly advertises this on their website. OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, a CIA operation is now being used to manipulate the masses through news media, HOLLYWOOD and the music industry. Unless you are AMISH or live in a remote cave somewhere, you have been exposed to the subliminal hypnotism. SPELLS have been CAST and you have been influenced.


HOLLY is linked to HOLY and SACRED. It has been documented that CHINA now has an influence over HOLLYWOOD. Follow the link for more insight.

Watching the movie TENET with a new awareness of my STANDING in this world at this time, I can honestly say that my mind was blown. This movie was thick with symbolism. If you have any awareness of what is currently in play at this time, this information will enrich your experience of watching is movie. The symbolism is the KEY!

Even the name of the company that produced this SYNCOPY

SYN: Same or in the company of; COPY: a duplication, imitation, or reproduction”. In the company of imitation. Does this movie company want us to copy or imitate this movie???


One of the characters in the film tells us ”YOU HAVE TO START LOOKING AT THE WORLD IN A NEW WAY!”. Another message was “DON’T TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT…. FEEL IT”.

This movie is based on the principle of INVERSION. INVERSION is a situation in which something is changed so that it is the opposite of what it was before, or in which something is turned upside down.

What if we ALL have the power to reverse what is going on right now? Or what if the world we are seeing is actually INVERTED? Everything that we see in the media is the opposite of the truth. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!


FREEPORTS are a special kind of port where normal tax and customs rules do not apply. These can be airports as well as maritime ports. At a freeport, imports can enter with simplified customs documentation and without paying tariffs. Businesses operating inside designated areas in and around the port can manufacture goods using the imports and add value, before exporting again without ever facing the full tariffs or procedures.

FREEPORTS are economic safe havens for the elite, much like the FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS and TREATIES made by our GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS with other CORPORATIONS.

CORPSE: Dead entity. In this movie the HERO comes back from the dead. He chooses to die rather than to give up his colleagues to the enemy.


With the end of USUFRUCT and the collapse of the federal reserve. Gold is where the wealth is. In this movie the GOLD falling out of the plane onto the tarmac as a distraction so that the plane could crash into the FREE PORT. The symbolism of crashing the economy with COVID-19 to access the FREE PORT.

In law, A PORT is a place where persons and merchandise are allowed to pass into and out of the realm and at which customs officers are stationed for the purpose of inspecting or appraising imported goods. In this sense a port may exist on the frontier, where the foreign communication is by land. [Century Dictionary]


SATOR in the movie was a private corporation that held the key to ending the world. They controlled advanced technology that had the ability to move forwards and backwards in time to alter events.

I googled SATOR and I discovered that it is a privately owned investment company based in Italy. Italy is the seat of the Eclesiastic Control over the economic SEA/SEA and subject to commercial and maritime law which is rather interesting. There were lots of references to the sea with boats, yaughts and shipping vessels.

Sator is the first word of a well-known Latin palindrome featuring the five words “SATOR – AREPO – TENET – OPERA – ROTAS”. It is composed of five words each including five letters so that the same sequence of words can be read in a 5×5 square, top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right and right-to-left.

According to a more recent interpretation, the palindrome is thought to have an astronomic or cosmological meaning and therefore it can be translated as follows: “The Great Sower (i.e., God) with His plough makes the celestial orbits and mechanisms go on”. This translation would be consistent with the generally accepted belief in the late Middle Age, that the Sator-God would be the ultimate engine of the universe.

SATOR (nominative or vocative noun) (from serere=to sow) sower, planter, founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator; literally “seeder”.

AREPO unknown, likely a proper name, either invented or, perhaps, of Egyptian origin, e.g. coded form of the name Harpocrates or Hor-Hap (Serapis).

TENET(verb) (from tenere=to hold) he/she/it holds, keeps, comprehends, possesses, masters, preserves, sustains.

OPERA(nominative, ablative or accusative noun) work, care, aid, labour, service, effort/trouble; (from opus): (nominative, accusative or vocative noun) works, deeds; (ablative) with effort.

ROTAS(rotās, accusative plural of rota) wheels; (verb) you (singular) turn or cause to rotate.



The PENTAGON is the US Department of Defence Headquaters.

The PENTAGON as a dodecahedron relates to PRANA or THE UNIVERSE.

The PENTAGRAM has magical associations. Many people who practice Neopagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating the symbol. Christians once commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus. The pentagram is also used as a symbol by other belief systems and is associated with Freemasonry.


There was a strong reference to masks in this movie. Every time they needed to go back in time they needed to wear a mask to breathe oxygen. Considering the title of this movie is a PALINDROME and palindromes are well known to contain secret meanings. There was even reversed talking in the film.

The message for me is that MASKS restrict your oxygen supply and wearing a mask means that we will be regressing as a civilization.

There was also references to wearing masks in the movie previews.


An ALGORITHM is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

We were told in the movie that every transaction that we make digitally is traceable from the future.


Pincer Move

The pincer movement or double envelopment is a military maneuver. The flanks of the opponent are attacked simultaneously in a pinching motion after the opponent has advanced towards the center of an army which is responding by moving its outside forces to the enemy’s flanks, in order to surround them. At the same time, a second layer of pincers attacks on the more extreme flanks, so as to prevent any attempts to reinforce the target unit.

There were ample references to military infantry and finding solutions that go beyond your country’s duty. This was, in my mind much subliminal programing disclosing that the UNITED NATIONS are moving in.

Take from this what you will. My process is to dive a little deeper than most, and to explore the hidden meanings and symbolism. I ask mySELF, what does this mean for me?

I invite you to watch this film and share your findings. Is there anything that I have missed? I look forward to hearing from you.