Feeling low on energy? Feel the LOVE! Energy Audit & energy fix. If you are skilled in muscle testing or dowsing then you can quantify your energy level and work out which songs are your priorities. It could be one, or a few or all of them.

Music has vibration and there is something in these songs that influence your energy field.

If you would like to learn how to muscle test and use a pendulum then the Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course is exactly what you need.

The Inner Compass® Intuition Essentials Online Course is a prerequisite to the Inner Compass® Practitioner Course. The course covers everything you need to know about intuition and basic navigation tools.

  • Understanding Intuition
  • Connecting with the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of yourSELF
  • Inner Compass® Meditation
  • Dowsing and the pendulum
  • The importance of GROUNDING
  • Trusting yourSELF
  • Questioning your thinking – The WORK
  • Understanding priorities
  • Word lists and clarification
  • Opening your MIND
  • How to give a basic reading

Here are the 11 songs that will reboot your LOVE tank.

Let me love you: Mario

We found Love: Rhianna

Feel the love: Rudimental

Blue Suede: Hooked on a feeling

I’m a believer: Neil Diamond

The things we do for love

The Power of Love

Happy Together: The Turtles

Let me release Love: A beautiful chorus

Sometimew when we touch