What are your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions and inactions around the Covid-19 global takeover? I can honestly say that it has been one CRAZY ride and it has given me the opportunity to solidify some core spiritual principles and foundations. I have been challenged, I have had moments of overwhelm, frustration, anger, fear, conflict and then I discovered the truth, my truth!

The truth

Be mindful that there is ‘my truth’, ‘your truth’ and ‘somewhere in between’. We are all at different levels of awareness and awakening and we all have a slightly different or in some cases a radically different view from you.

Respect and kindness is a very important, especially if you feel do passionate about your truth.

My truth is grounded in intuition, which is my inner tutor, so for me I know when there is F*#kery afoot. When something doesn’t feel right, it is what I go with. This whole Covid/Corona has unearthed some very interesting truths for me. I have gone down the rabbit hole and challenged my beliefs and knowledge. Timing is a marvellous thing, I was ready to discover this information.

F#k it! Is it time for a change?
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Polarised Views

The two pictures above show two polarised views of others expressing their polarised views of others expressing a polarised view. This was the Hyde Park gathering protesting the UK lockdown. I was very amused by this opposite view points from two people who live in the UK.

My view was that I saw the protestors as being brave and courageous and someone else saw them as ‘SELFISH WANKERS!”.

The Truth is LOVE

I am currently in a relationship with a man who has completely polarised views to my own. It has been challenging to say the least and we have had some heated discussions.

He is an athiest, I am deeply connected with God, he is pro-vaccination, I am pro-choice, heavily leaning towards anti-vaccination, he is a mainstream thinker, I am a conspiracy theorist (although that term was designed by the CIA to shut down those people who challenged the official narrative), he sees no issue with 5G, I have major concerns, he thinks Bill Gates is a philanthropist and an all round good guy, I think Bill Gates is a genocidal maniac, he loves Julia Gillard and thinks she was a wonderful polititian and woman, I think Julia Gillard is corrupt as f***, being that she back stabbed Kevin Rudd and donated $50,000,000 of Australian tax payers money to the Clinton Foundation when she was PM and is now working with Wellcome, an organisation that is promoting a search for the cure for Covid-19 and is heavily influenced by the Gates Foundation, and the list goes on….

The truth is that beliefs change but Love is Love. The truth is that I love my partner very much and when I stay in my heart then I can hear his view from a neutral space, I don’t always agree with him, infact I rarely agree with him on religion and politics. We do agree that we love each other.

Farrell Williams: FREEDOM