A space where the magic happens

Playfully ponder the delights of the universe and see beyond the veil of separation. Listen to the whispers of the cosmos and let your heart be your navigator, taking you to the most amazing places to experience the most magical things. 

You are invited to dream, to make a wish and to marinate in the creative juices of your heart’s desires. The wishing star is the space of realization that brings forth actualization of your delicious intention.  

We will 

  • release the blocks to manifestation, if any show up.
  • Invite playful, non-judgemental exploration of your magical Divine SELF.
  • Energetically access the unique combination of those who step into the space to amplified the unified field.
  • Inspire, uplift and raise our vibration and consciousness.

If you are drawn to join us in the magical space and show up not only for yourSELF but for others, then we know that you are ready to make the magic happen.

Tuesday 26th November 2019 at 5pm (Perth, Western Australia time)

Places are limited for the first session