Why is it that no matter what we do we find ourselves in the very same type of relationship that we were running away from? We find ourselves drawn back into the vortex of toxic love.

Abuse cycles, drama, pain are all present in the collective psyche. How do we change this and break free from this pattern of destruction when the pain in our energy field is like a magnet drawing in people that are a vibrational match to this?

I recommend that you listen to this song whilst you read this blog 
to activate a deeper level of consciousness
Yael Naim Toxic

Breaking the drama cycle…

As things are in your life, are you happy? Do you have a sense of peace or does drama fill every corner of your life? Do you have a love hate relationship with drama, you hate the drama but you love the excitement that it brings. Life would be boring without the highs the drama’s that toxic relationships bring.

The key breaking the drama cycle is that you have to want to. It is like breaking any addictive behaviour, you have to want the change.

Become the observer

When you find yourSELF surrounded and outflanked by toxic drama because you bought a front row seat, treat it like that, become the observer. Watch the drama unfold but don’t ‘buy into it’. It’s not your circus and it’s not your monkey.

The drama in your life will disappear if you don’t feed it. Disengage from it, and be neutral. When you are the witness not the participant, you will notice a huge shift within yourSELF.

Let Go and Let God

If you still find yourSELF being dragged back into the drama even though you returned your ticket. Stay in your heart space and surrender to the DIVINE. Hand it over to ‘GOD’ or the ‘UNIVERSE’ or whatever label you are comfortable with. Literally, see the drama leave you and let go.

Approaching the drama from a higher perspective will assist you to see the miracle unfold. Recently I chose to step away from a toxic drama as I didn’t want to be dragged into the same cycle that I have seen played over and over again and I am now in a happier place. Occassionally, I feel the pull back in, but awareness and surrender is a helpful tool.