The writing is on the wall or should I say on the WA boarder and West Australian’s have been playing into the hands of the parliamentary puppeteers and the media manipulators.

WA is known as the Wait Awhile state and this rings true in the case of Covid-19. WA is Covid FREE and has been protected by the heroic Premier Mark McGowan by keeping our boarders closed. Covid infested Eastern States Australians are the enemy as well as Mr CLIVE PALMER, the evil mining magnate who wants to open WA’s boarders for his own interests.

West Australian’s will soon be beggin for WA to succeed from Australia. Well played foreign Administration Government, well played!

If Western Australia succeeds from Australia, the UN will move in and take over. Western Australia is resource rich and the UN creditors are keen to move in. There are 19 subsidiaries of the UN and many more tentacles reaching into every area of world control.

The UN have been patiently waiting and their foreign administration goverment have gradually put into play Acts and Legislation to enslave the citizens. A citizen pledges allegiance to the foriegn occupier and a Subject pledges allegiance to God and SELF Sovereignty made possible through the line of authority to the shrine of our ANZACS and the KING. WA is unofficially a republic and when it is made official watch the military move in. Shit is about to get real for Western Australian’s who are currently relatively unaffected by the Covid plandemic.


On 6 November 1999, Australia held a referendum to determine whether or not the country should become a republic whereby the governor-general and monarch would be replaced by one office, the President of the Commonwealth of Australia. Long story short Australia voted NO. 12.9 million voted, John Howard was Prime Minister at the time!

However… in 2003 the crown was removed as the head of state as per Part 8 of the Amendments about the Crown in the Acts Amendment and Repeal (Courts and Legal Practice) Act 2003.  Attorney General Jim McGinty whom
incidentally was legal practitioner and not a lawyer, removed the crown and replaced the crown with the ‘State’ and or ‘The Governor General’ who was John Sanderson at that time.

It is interesting to note that John Sanderson has a few interesting medals of ‘honour’ that are linked to the United Nations. When the UN move officially they will enter Western Australia as UN Peace Keepers.

Most Australians are unaware that we are under military law under foreign occupation and have been since 1910. Australia is being administrated because of war debts from the 1800’s. We are now at the end of usufruct and the foreign global banksters are moving in, prepare for lock down and fema camps! New Zealand are now using FEMA Camps to manage Covid and will remove citizens and their families from their homes.

If this is news to you please feel free to read my blogs especially the Sins of our father article.