I love listening to the stories that a home has to tell me about the family or the occupants that live there and the energetic history of what has happened or is currently happening. Generally when I go to a home it is because there is an issue and a little assistance is required.

Sometimes the help that is on a very practical level and other times not. When I enter a space I take in the surroundings and absorb subconsciously what is going on in this space. The longer I am in this space the clearer things will become to me. I use all my senses to understand the full story of a home. 

How does it feel?

Every home has its own distinct feel. The feel of the home is an eclectic energetic mix of the home and the family/occupants combined with the surrounding energies. By surrounding energies I mean, geopathic stress, entities, energetic debris.

What do I see?

Every home is different. The layout, decor, clutter, mess, minimalism, order, chaos, lighting or lack of lighting, flora, fauna, status. You can tell what is important to the people that live there, where their values lie. 

What am I picking up psychically?

This is an interesting one, I often get a very strong feeling is there is extreme negative energy/entities present in the home. My spidey sensors go off like a def con one alarm system and I draw it into my energy field and clear it. Burping is a very good sign that a clearing is going on. 

Sometimes I feel like a psychic detective. I may be in a beautiful home but get the most awful sense of dread. When this happens I look deeper.

Clearing the energy

If I need to go deeper, I explore the current theme of the home and determine the Universal Flow of Energy. This is the most perfect way to gauge where the blockages are and how to move forward. 

I can clear energy in a space very easily, and often I do this naturally. I remember looking at houses to rent with my daughter and there was one house that I felt nauseous and was burping for the next half an hour. As a consequence she didn’t choose this home. The previous occupants had left energetic debris that was so bad that if the landlord understood, they would not have got their bond back.

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