On Saturday May the fourth be with YOU day 2019, YOU-GA was officially launched into the big wide world and it was awesome! It was a humble beginning and it was profound!

The nine people that gathered with the intention to connect deeply with themselves transformed the space into a VORTEX of ALCHEMY. The playlist was divinely perfect. There was one particular song the hit the sweet spot and opened up the Universal Flow of Energy for us all. The shift was deeply felt.

The melodic journey that we all took was one that I will never forget. The playlist took us to the spirit of Africa, the heart of Russia, the Soul of India, and the inner child of Alabama, as well as teleporting us to different timeframes in our life where the music unlocked memories and cleared ‘stuck’ trauma from that particular era, trapped within us and also in the collective.

My AHA moment happened about halfway through the was when I realized that YOU-GA is my purpose! I assist people to clear their energetic blockages through movement. I intuitively know who needs assistance and who doesn’t. My heart is filled with gratitude and I look forward to sharing YOU-GA with the world.

Here is the Inner Compass® Music Alchemy video that was discussed during our YOU-GA session. Thank you Ricky for sharing your session with us all.