Have you ever felt helpless, powerless and utterly despondent? Stuck in a prison of negative thinking and stress? Unable to realise that you are the prison, the guard and the prisoner simultaneously.

I recently had a session with a client who had thoughts about herself that were disempowering. These thoughts were stressful and impacted her life to the point that she became unable to gain a positive perspective on life and her current situation. Her world was becoming smaller and her choices were becoming increasingly restricted. 

During her session, I guided her through a process that showed her that she was POWERFUL and that she could change herSELF and her environment with her thoughts.

She had a condition that meant that she needed to make some radical changes to her diet and lifestyle. She needed to avoid foods that contained histamine and eat cleaner. Not a bad thing really, we all could do with eating healthier. She understood this, however her love affair with eggs was so strong that she was struggling with eliminating them from her diet completely.

So, we sat in my kitchen and I muscle tested her with all the foods that she loved and needed to remove from her diet to improve her health. She tested weak with bread, wheat flour, milk, cheese, sugar and eggs. 

I showed her a technique that could allow her to feel more EMPOWERED and eat eggs again. All she did was she held an egg and told the egg that she loved it. After a period of two minutes of loving this egg, she tested strong with this previously harmful food.

Love your food, love yourSELF

Dawn Kelly

All she needed to do was love her food before she ate it. We discussed that wheat products, sugar and dairy were probably best to be avoided in general but the eggs was a real deal breaker for her with her new diet.

We then did an experiment to demonstrate how our thoughts impact water.  Our body is made up of between 50% and 75% of water, so this was useful to understand.

My client held a glass of water that was just poured from the tap. I muscle tested her and she muscle tested strong with this glass of water. This was the baseline water. She then held the glass of water again and connected to her thoughts and feelings about her current health condition for approximately two minutes. We both felt how heavy the energy was. She tested extremely weak with the health stressed glass of water.

My client was then asked to hold the glass of water again and say the statement “I love mySELF exactly as I am”. Again she did this for two minutes or so until we both felt a shift energetically. She tested strong.

Dr Emoto experimented with frozen water molecules to show how the structure of water changes with different intentions.

Due to further exploration we then discovered that the underlying cause of her health issue was due to a subconscious program that was installed when she was two. This program was called “I don’t deserve to be healthy,” we needed to reprogram this pattern with a process called ‘PYSCHIC HYPNOTHERAPY’. 

Psychic Hypnotherapy

It was very interesting to note that when she regressed to two years old the energy/feeling was exactly the same as how she felt when connecting with the disempowerment of her current health condition. 

I recommended that she come back in a month after she had implemented some of the strategies that I suggested to ground in the feel of empowerment.

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