The pathway to SELF-MASTERY over all realms!

The great awakening is now upon us and we are at the most pivotal crossroads of our time. We are at the crossroads of LOVE and FEAR. Put simply this is our choice.

The great awakening is about shining the light upon our true CROWN, this plandemic was double labelled for a reason.

Covid-19, an interesting choice of name, once broken down to Ovid is latin for SHEEP and 19 is independence and Self-Determination. CORONA is the crown, SELF Sovereignty and connection to the DIVINE. This is such an amazing time to be alive to be aware of all that you are (See the Strawman story).

This is a time where we are to lay claim to our rightful CROWN. The CROWN of SELF-Determination as an individual and as a collective. Most have been asleep to the fact that we live on a slave planet. We are debt slaves! We are slaves to a system that only serve the elitist few.

Put simplistically, HIS-story has paved the way to create the pathway for the men and women of this world to be debt Slaves rooted in war. War debt stems back to the 1800’s which was compounded by more war debt in the years to follow has undermined the freedoms of us all. Side note: the American Revolution was not about freedom it was about free labour through Slavery to fund the cotton industry.

The Great White Fleet set sail in the early 1900’s as debt collectors as the US Government were appointed as administrators to all nations encumbered by war debt, Australia included. The US navy flexed their military muscles and countries had no choice but to submit.

After the first world war, Australia was given the opportunity to become a SELF Sovereign nation with the ability of SELF-Determination. 62,000 of our ANZACs fought and died for this right. This debt was paid for in blood and Billy Hugh’s our PM at the time stood up for our nation.  

Over the years since our constitution was declared, many of the subsequent governments have undermined this most important document that was put in place to protect us from corrupt governments.

Corruption is rampant in Australian politics and governance. The rich are getting richer and we are encumbered with more taxes, costs, fines, rates and notices? Our administration Government is nothing more than a corporation, corporation by abn and corporation by nature. Our Prime Minister is merely a CEO for the forien occupation.


You cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem, you need to go to the root cause. The problem is the corruption of the system and you cannot solve the problem at the level of the system, you need to step outside of the system.

The system is so corrupt that no matter what you do, you will never win. It is set up this way.

Did you know that we are currently under occupation and we are currently prisoners of war? Bet you didn’t know that.

As citizens of this country we are part of the occupation, we have no rights. If we protest we are regarded as belligerent which is defined as  a nation or person engaged in war or conflict, as recognized by international law. We are considered hostile. We have no rights, we are wards of the state.

St Edwards Crown (top Left), Imperial Crown (bottom right)


Did you know that there are two crowns? One is a foreign St Edwards (Catholic/Vatican) crown and the other is an Imperial (Anglican) Crown? The Imperial Crown is our foundation crown and the other is the crown of the foreign occupation. We were once subjects of the Imperial Crown and due to changes in the Citizenship Act 1948  we are no longer subjects of the Sovereign we are citizens/slaves of the Vatican. Our country has been invaded by stealth by papal foreign invaders.

Blacks Law Dictionary’s Definition of a Citizen: Someone whom by either birth or naturalization, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to all its civil rights and protections.

Black’s Law Dictionary Definition of a Subject: Someone who owes allegiance to a sovereign, esp. a monarch, and is governed by the sovereign’s laws.

Did you know that the Catholic Church is not legally recognized in Australia and therefore is not accountable by law, yet the Anglican Church is. Don’t you think that is strange???


Liberation comes when you free yourSELF on every level of this game, and the game that we have found ourSELVES in is a War Game. In order to win this game you need to know what the rules are. Knowledge is Power!

Know theySELF and know the role you play.

Knowledge is Power!

  • We in a spiritual war!
  • We are currently under maritime law.
  • Australia is under foreign occupation and as such we operate under international law.
  • According to the Acts Interpretation Act of 190, 2b: Australia means the Commonwealth of Australia and, when used in a geographical sense, includes Norfolk Island, the Territory of Christmas Island and the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, but does not include any other external Territory. According to the legalese term Exclusio Alteriusa Australia only includes that which it states and excludes everything else.
  • Citizens have no rights and when you stand up for the rights that you think you have you are regarded as Biligerent. Which means that you are regarded as waging war.
  • Do not protest. It shows that you do not know where you stand. You are regarded as biligerent.
  • Subjects of the Kingdom when standing in their knowledge and power are peaceful and non-biligerent. Maritime law does not apply when you distinguish yourSELF as different. You are not part of the occupation.
  • When you are a Subject, you need to warn the foreign occupation (policy enforcers) that if they proceed that they could potentially be stepping into a war crime as set out by the rules of war.
  • Learn the international codes and treaties: Laws of war, Lieber Code, Geneva ConventionBill of rights, Hague Treaty (Hague 4 War on land).
  • Embrace your SOVEREIGNTY. Know youSELF as SOVEREIGN over all REALMS.
  • Embrace your DIVINITY. Know yourSELF as GOD. You are the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The ANZACS are the KEY to our liberation. They too are the fathers, the sons and the spirit. They sacrificed their lives so that we could have our FREEDOM. The ANZAC shrine lights our pathway home. The pathway to our LAND. Moving from the SEA (maritime/papal law) to home land. Our rights are sealed in international law.
  • Become familiar with the King James Bible. The bible is a testiment and a testimant is the will of your father. There is a reason this is no longer taught at school.
  • When you stand in God’s Grace you are above the Law. When you are a Subject, there is only one law, love thy neighbour as you love yourSELF.
  • Stand under the the Kings Federal War Land Flag. As a subject it is your claim to the land. The correct ratio is 2 x 3.
  • Genesis 1:26, KJV: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

Read Steven Spiers white papers!!!