Several years ago, I had a massage client that was also a very close friend. During his massage sessions we would often discuss many topics of conversation that were relevant to his healing process and as an ex-cop he would often describe his past in colourful colloquialisms. I have had many a laugh with him during our sessions and as a friend over the years.

During one massage session that I remember very clearly in which we were both using very colourful language, the idea was born about a deck of cards that described the divinatory meaning of swear words. And that night, I began work on the Sh*t Happened Tarot Deck. I had alot of fun designing and creating this card deck.

Sh*t Happens Tarot Deck
Swearing is good for you

The best health benefits of swearing include increased circulation, elevated endorphin, and serotonin levels, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being

Jo from Avalon by Nature recently purchased a deck of cards for herSELF and took a video of her unveilling them . I really loved how she relaxed into reading and sharing the Sh*t Happened Tarot Deck.

Btw Jo has an online shop for those who would like to know more about her business.