Technology is awesome. I love my smart phone and tablet and computer and all the amazing applications that are available. I enjoy expressing my creativity and technology has allowed me to do that.

I would love to hear about how you use your mobiles/devices and how this has impacted your life, both negatively or positively. If your mobile phone has impaced you in a negative way, then you may be addicted to your mobile phone or device. It is easy to numb out with technology, mindlessly scroll our newsfeeds, avoid human contact and connection.

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You can’t sit still without checking your mobile phone
  • You sleep in the same room as your mobile phone
  • You check your mobile phone for notifications during the night
  • You experience separation anxiety when you leave home without your phone or your mobile phone battery runs out
  • Social media stresses you out
  • You are always distracted
  • You constantly check in
  • You text more than you talk
  • You mindlessly scroll
  • You text whilst you are driving
  • You cannot leave home without your mobile phone
  • Your phone is always on the dinner table
  • Your relationship is suffering

If you are concerned that you are a mobile phone addict, then the smartphone compulsion test:

Now it’s time to bring you back to your happy place with some mobile Phone Humor 😉