Declutter your home Declutter your life

Dawn Kelly

I recently worked with a client who was stuck in overwhelm. She was a young mother who was time-poor. She worked full-time and was incredibly stressed. She was drowning in clutter and was unable to make space in her home and her life for herSELF including her partner. It was clear that her very loved and dearly wanted child had taken over her home and hijacked her life.

She lived in a townhouse with a very small family area and there were toys scattered everywhere. Her home lacked space and purpose. She just needed some guidance and direction.

We spent a couple of hours repurposing rooms and creating space for her and her partner in her home. We moved most of the toys into the repurposed child’s play room and made space in the family area for her and her partner to relax. It became a shared space that all members of her family could enjoy. After folding a mountain of washing to make space in the adults TV room we discussed her needs and how I could best serve her.

Sometimes fresh eyes and a different perspective is all you need. 

This very lovely and very stressed young mother just needed help. We discussed some strategies to assist her to make meaningful changes in her home that could literally change her life.

One thing that came up was that she spends most of her time following her child around. We talked about strategies to make her home more child friendly. Stair gates was one and reversing a poorly designed laundry lock was another. 

We decided that we would tackle the laundry and to make the most of wasted space in her kitchen.

If you are stuck in overwhelm and need a strategy and/or support to make space in your life/home for you, I am more than happy to assist you.

I offer a diverse range of services and products that include massage, hypnotherapy, declutter, cleaning, YOU-GA, meetup-groups, intuition coaching that has the ultimate goal to guide and assist you as my client, to reconnect to yourSELF!