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This information will have certain things mentioned a number of times and the spelling and grammar have not been checked nor is it in any particular order so read it over a number of times to get it in your head. It can be used for a bankruptcy or a mortgage or even a car loan. 

The trustee has failed in his duty by not bringing material evidence to the court being the security and
the interest as proof of claim from the creditor who has claimed beneficial interest in the interest on the security by fraudulently coercing us into a contract to make us the debtor when in actual fact we are the creditor. Securities are certificates and bonds and banks only purchase securities they do not lend anything but then claim to be the creditor, the problem with that is that the bank does not have a person of significant control or Beneficial owner with a minimum of 25% shares (for insurance) in
the company under the corporations act 2001 and the FATF which is a legal requirement in every country thereby leaving nobody to make a claim. In actual fact the beneficial owner of all of the banks is Her Majesty’s treasury (the crown), the only bank not included is the BIS, bank of international settlements which is owned solely by the vatican and everyone including the Queen has to pay a fee to use it.

On the 27 June 2021 Basel 3 was brought into force for all banks to comply with and that means that they must have assets in gold and silver to back the derivatives that they hold (secured or unsecured bonds, certificates, mortgages, car loans etc) which must be complied with by 1 Jan 2022 if they don’t have the gold or silver in their vault by then the Vatican will be shuttng them down to stop the fraud and corrup4on that is currently running rampant, this process has already started and considering the deutche bank holds more than 50 trillion in derivatives, they are attached to everybody and there
isn’t enough gold or silver in the world to cover it at today’s prices they will either disappear or the value of gold or silver will skyrocket to cover it.

If you are going into court to argue any mortgage or loan of any kind you will lose if you mention bankers book evidence act or promissory notes as you are arguing the wrong asset, you are arguing something that is not real, money is not real but a security is a cer5ficate of credit a bond which is very real, it comes to life the minute you sign it, that is the difference it has gold attached to it if
you have seen one up close, gold leaf and that’s why they allocate them to baskets so they can be traded, nine times usually but more than that recently. So if you come into court under the bills of exchange you do not have any standing, not when it comes to equity (equity is security) and you will lose.

We have a well worded dsar under the rules of law in every jurisdiction on the planet and it is to do with the SDRs (special drawing rights) which is what it has been done under. The disposal of surplus and the original security financial instrument because at the moment we have never seen it, we signed something but did not see what it was aLached to, was it a bond or was it a certificate? two slightly different things but with totally different values and one of them is in gold. There is a good chance that every single secured mortgage is backed by that gold otherwise they would never be able
to be traded but you will never get them to admit to it. When you signed that security you signed something that was already allocated you just allocated it to you. The bank are now the ones who are minus, they are giving you this that is why they have 2 ledgers, the hidden one and the visible one.

The bank then makes a contract with you for power of attorney but only on the interest, never on the principal because the principal is not theirs it belongs to the Queen (crown) as she technically owns all the banks through the treasury.

By failing to bring forth the evidence of this fraudulent contract the lawyers have now conspired to defraud you with the trustee but not only that they have now conspired against the court.

We can now prove these facts as we have the material evidence starting with a DSAR (data subject access request) back in 2018 and all the DSARs since then and here is the evidence that there is no proof of claim.


We can show without a shadow of a doubt that the trustee is not fit for purpose and we want him charged immediately. The legal’s come under the corporaions act 2001, The person of significant control or beneficial owner is all about the liability and as all parties involved are not the PSC or BO how can they bring anything to
a court, they are all colluding with each other to defraud us of our interest which is concealment, conspiring and is criminal under all of the criminal codes.

The trustee must have clean hands, good faith and have a full accord of the accounts to back it and he hasn’t got it which is concealment and he has conspired with the bank and the lawyers to take control of the assets of this bankruptcy without the material facts to the claim which is criminal, we would like this maLer transferred to a crown court.

Under the privacy act and the data protection act they need to show lawfulness to a court as to why they are touching our data, how can they show lawfulness when the person making the claim should not be there as he is not the PSC/BO.

We require that the court remove the trustee as he has suppressed and concealed material evidence by fraud by way of collusion and conspired with the bank and the lawyers and now he is lying to the court he is not fit for purpose and we want criminal charges brought against him he needs to be revoked now, we also want criminal charges brought against all parties involved here today as you can see by all the evidence they are all involved in this criminal behaviour.

The trustee should know whether the one making the claim is a viable company, is validated and has a PSC or BO for liability and then the lawyers should have the same credentials otherwise he is delinquent in his duties.

The thing that the bank and lawyers are coming for is the interest (the insurance) from the security, legally that is all they can claim as we are the secured creditor and we gave the bank the security as a deposit, (a secured entry on the books) we were then coerced into a contract.
How they get around it is they let you default on the interest, they claim against the interest of the insurance that you signed up for. The lawyers then get the insurance side of it and the bank falls back to the equity side of the security which is the land title deed/Property. The bank can never take you to court for the security because you are the secured creditor they are coming after your insurance policy.

When we go to the bank we sign two things, the agreement which is the Note (security) and the contract (compound interest which is the insured side of the security not the security itself two separate things).
The bank can never take out insurance on the security because you are the secured creditor so they do a separate contract which has terms and conditions which gives them power of attorney for all claims against you if you default on any of these insurances.

You signed a security, how can you be the debtor of the security? You can’t, but you can be the debtor on the insurance side of it, the liability, because that’s a contract, that’s a separate thing between you and the bank. The bank has conned you into thinking it has given you something and you are paying down a mortgage. On top of that there is the insurance (compound interest). Now as part of that interest there are a lot of insurances with terms and conditions (the fine print) which covers
absolutely everything. They don’t care about the security they are coming after the beneficial interest because you have signed a contract and gave them power of attorney over the terms and conditions of the interest.

We ignore any correspondence from the bank as we can’t do anything until the lawyers get involved then we send a DSAR which is pertaining to the claim itself where they are saying that they have an interest, which would be the deed of assignment or deed of novation and PSC or BO with 25% shares…