Today I choose to DO ME!

I love the messages that I receive from the world around me. Subtle messages that can easily be dismissed when you are not aware of what you are looking at.

I met a friend at the DO ME cafe and beyond our abnormally normal conversation where we are able to identify the key underlying theme that encapsulated INNER PEACE and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT.

I always joke about the DOME cafe, being the DO ME cafe. So today I am doing me. I am putting mySELF as MY PRIORITY. I am putting into action everything that I need to do to take care of my wants and needs.

My friend and I discussed how valuable our time was and how important it was to spend time with quality people who are our friends. Many years ago I weeded my friendship garden as one way friendships don’t work for me. Making mySELF a PRIORITY means that my friends make me a priority as I do them. They in effect are an extension of me.

Time to weed your friendship garden

I feel incredibly blessed to have quality relationships with my friends. If they are my mirrors and reflect back to me my level of consciousness then I like what I see. My friends reflect so much back to me… Love, support, connection, loyalty, honesty, widsom and authenticity.

The Green book flyer found at the DO ME Cafe

If you are surrounding yourSELF with FAKE FRIENDS, less than fulfilling relationships resulting in an inbalanced and unsustainable relationship perhaps you need to reconsider your friendship circle.

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