Stress is the number one factor that contaminates us, it is toxic and stress begins in our mind. A stressful thought, creates a stressful feeling that manifests into the physical as DIS-EASE and an energetically toxic home environment.

When we see our home as an extension of us; being that our body is the home of our soul and our home is the home of our body, what is going on for us on a metaphysical level?

Mess is a part of life, life is messy! Random and chaotic things happen, there are twists and turns, unexpected events and surprises. As much as we think that we are in control, we are not!

Let’s say that you have a messy home, life happens as it does and you didn’t get around to sorting it out. The messy home doesn’t create the stress, it is your thoughts about your home that creates the stress. Arguing with reality is insane. 

The pressure that we put on ourSELVES to be perfect and have the perfect home is insane. Life these days is fast paced we are often time poor and as much as we would like to fit everything into our life and do all that we need to do… Mess happens! Life is mess and mess is life.

Make PEACE with the MESS

Accept your home exactly the way it is. Removing judgement  and having kind and loving thoughts will invite space for joy and ease. Love your home unconditionally as if it were a child and you are the parent. Say ‘I love you home’ and surrender to what is. In this moment you can’t change what is happening.  

When you make PEACE with your MESS the rest will flow easier.