As a result of the Covid-1984 plandemic, I ventured deep into the rabbit hole, and what I uncovered cannot be ignored, what was once hidden is now revealled, but not to all.

To this point, I have come to the conclusion that government, politics, military, non-profit organisations, media, and religious corruption is so ingrained and is so deeply rooted into our society it is enough to make any innocent, pure hearted idealist become cynical, bitter and twisted.

If you only watch mainstream media and believe the official narrative, I invite you to venture down the rabbit hole with me. Open your mind ever so slightly and see what comes up for you.

If you haven’t already watched any of the following videos, I highly recommend that you do so. Remember knowledge is power and you don’t know what you don’t know until you know.

And what do we do with this information? Something, nothing, everything, that is up to you. Don’t believe everything you see, make up your own mind!!!!

***WARNING: Information shown in the videos below may cause symptoms of cognitive dissonance***

UTUBE has removed this video, so you know it’s on the money: Here is the bitchute video link: