This weeks YOU-GA COLLECTIVE: Healing the wounds of the SACRED FEMININE was HUGE! By Wednesday the energy reached optimum vibration and we, as a group were able to connect with 20,000 others on this planet. Interestingly, most of them, in fact nearly all of them, both male and female alike were located in Utah, USA.

The majority of the state’s residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

The people of this faith are heavily indoctrinated in this cult religion and are not afforded the freedom of knowledge beyond their religious texts.

If you are interested in finding out more about this then check out this link:

The YOU-GA Collective participants shared their experiences with me and what was apparent was that everyone had their magic song. This was the song that created the shift for us, it was their MUSIC ALCHEMY (see the video demo with Ricky showing how powerful MUSIC ALCHEMY is).

Not everyone enjoyed the playlist, some said it was a bit jazzy, others struggled through and for most of us it put us in a hypnotic meditative state.

Music takes us out of our critical, analytical brain and connects us to our creative and expansive SELF. This when coupled with intent is a powerful vehicle for TRANSFORMATION.

The wounded SACRED FEMININE for the most part is angry and for the first time feels that she is HEARD. When we step out of the HERD mentality that is when we begin to listen, we feel HEARD. Holding the space to listen to the wounded SACRED FEMININE shows us that once our pain is acknowledged and we feel HEARD then we can let go and begin the healing journey. It is now time to speak up!