A sound healing session with Suzanne Lyons

Yesterday I experienced something that left me speechless for quite some time. I needed to process what had happened and what I was feeling. I was gifted an individual sound healing session with Suzanne Lyons. It was incredible!

We began with a chat and I explored her musical wonderland. I was initially drawn to a large red glass object that looked like a bell or a wine glass. It was a singing bowl that resonated at the frequency of the base chakra. It was a divinely sounding instrument that seemed to harmonise with itself. The base relates to safety, security and grounding.

We began with a chat to discuss what I was seeking as an intention for my session. We chatted for some time and it seemed as though I just needed to understand my thought processes to mould them into an intention. We discovered that my focus or intention was to feel safe in my own space.

Armed with a silk cloth doused in an essential oil to ground in my intention of feeling safe in my own space. I laid down on a bed of cushions and was draped in yellow and blue silks. I was then ready to embark on a sound journey to the centre of the cosmos. Suzanne combined the sound of her beautiful crystal bowls with her sweet sound of celtic indian mantras. The first mantra invoked Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Sharanam Ganesha”. The second mantra invoked the Green Tara who is the liberator of all suffering, “om tare tuttare ture soha”.

During my sound healing session I was present and focused on my intention. My favourite part of the session was the crescendo of the massive gongs. The gongs transported me to the far expanses of the cosmos. I felt a connection had been made with a missing link, a part of me that has always been a part of me. This space was honouring and deeply supportive. If felt as though my energy field was empty and fulfilled at the same time. I felt spacy and ungroundedly grounded. It was a new experience for me.

I am feeling as though I am ready to expand into my new space that I call my life. The sound healing session cleansed my energy field to allow that. I can honestly say that I felt safe in my own space.

Suzanne Lyons runs individual sessions and regular group sound healing sessions. I highly recommend experiencing a sound bathing session with Suzanne, it is the kind of experience that words cannot do it justice.

As a side note, Suzanne is an Inner Compass Practitioner in training.