If you think voting for a political party will get us out of the mess we are in, you are gravely mistaken. Once upon a time we used to have public servants that were voted in by the people and they worked for the people and now we find ourselves as customers of a Government Corporation

When you vote, you are choosing to stay on the hamster wheel of debt slavery. Controlled by the Masters who dictate every aspect of your life. The faceless Corporations that are the puppet masters of your Political Leaders.

The Governor General has no more authority to issue and election writ that you or I do. So, why would you participate in this fraud?


What is the Solution?

Many aren’t aware that there are two Commonwealths of Australia, there is a Corporate Commonwealth and a Non-Corporate Commonwealth. If you are not a Commonwealth Custodian, you belong to the GovCo Corporate Commonwealth

If you are seeking real remedy it is vital that you Unincorporate the legal fictional name that you use and to sever any connections you have to this Corporation Government. Because we are swimming in the unholy sea of commerce you need to establish your jurisdiction when you enter into contract with any business/corporation.

When you Unincorporate the name you become the Executor for Contracts for the legal fiction, which is your Estate. You then need to sort out your Testament to Will by Proclamation which is your terms and conditions for Contracting and the final goal is to become the Trustee of your Estate.

We must stop feeding this satanic system that feeds off of our sweat equity and come out of her. Join The Commonwealth Custodians website to discover more…

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