Out of necessity and under duress I made a Divine Special Appearance in the Perth Magistrates Court on 26th July 2023 in regards to an ‘Alleged Offence’ made by the purported prosecuting authority otherwise known as ‘THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT’. I can’t discuss the details of the case at this time, however I can say that I was treated with respect by the presiding Magistrate who acted in honour and followed due process of law within the constraints of her position in an admiralty court unlike the other Magistrates that I have interacted with at the Kings Bench, not mentioning names…. Dianne Scaddan.

As a result of my recent court date with the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT
[ABN 27 285 643 255] state prosecutor I did some research on the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT’s website and discovered a delightful policy titled ‘Education and Enforcement Policy February 2023‘. On page 4 of this forementioned Policy document the topic of ‘Voluntary Compliance’ AKA ‘Voluntary Servitude’ is openly discussed as a strategy.

Voluntary: Done, made, or given willingly, without being forced or paid to do it.

Compliance: The Act of obeying a law or rule.

Enforcement is defined as the process of making people obey a law or rule, or making a particular situation happen or be accepted.

What generally happens is if you do not comply with the legislation administered by DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT (D.O.T.) then the ‘D.O.T.’ enables purported ‘Authorised Officers’ to determine what measures are appropriate to encourage compliance and when enforcement is required. This Policy is the basis for enforcement. The C.E.O. then delegates the non-compliance ‘Offence’ to the Fines Enforcement Registry and they force you to comply! It is a very effective business model. Highly unethical, deceptive, coercive and dodgy AF, but hey… this is W.A. the nanny state where the masses are into BDSM!

Remember, we are considered to be customers of the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT (D.O.T.) [ABN 27 285 643 255]. This means that we have a choice. The D.O.T. is a business and is required to adhere to the CORPORATIONS ACT 2001.

Joining the D.O.T.s

Daniel T. Searle