What a mess we are in. How did we move from a free democratic nation to an extreme oppressive Medical dictatorship? This has escalated rather quickly!

The question is, what do we do? There is so much noise, so many distractions, censorship and misinformation. As a nation we are confused, dis empowered and fearful. We are all doing what we all think is the right thing and this has polarised us all.

At the end of the day we are men, women and children living on the continent of terra Australis. As a nation we began as a prison colony and it appears that we are living that reality in one way or another.

The Australian Corporate Government treat us like children living in a nanny state. They make up the rules as they go along, and we believe that they have authority over us. The truth is that they don’t. Our country was founded on the constitution, this constitution never disappeared, it has been ignored because we have been conned.

I recommend that you look into David Walters petition of right, it is a forensic document that presents factual evidence of the theft of our nation. When you petition the Queen you are claiming your right as an equal shareholder in the commonwealth of Australia. You are also putting a caveat over the land.

It is an empowering process that tells them that we know who they are and what they have done. The United Nations contacted David Walters and asked him what he was going to do with this document, he said that he was going to share it.

I am interested in remedy. And right now the only viable remedy that I see is through the commonwealth custodians pathway.

We all need to step off of the corporate commonwealth and into the organic commonwealth. Keith has already done this, his authority has not been challenged. He is holding space on the Organic Commonwealth for all of us. for. He occupies the office of Post for the Commonwealth of Australia, the office of Commonwealth public official – The commonwealth and the office of commonwealth Justice of the Peace – The Commonwealth of Australia.

Reclaiming our Commonwealth doesn’t have to be a violent revolution. It can be a gentle progressive process.

A self determined free nation is what our ANZACS fought for. How are you going to honour their sacrifice. Comply and die a slow and painful death or are we going to stand up in honour and integrity.