Our homes are a reflection of our inner SELF. The state of our home is an indication of what is going on for us. A lifetime accumulation can result in the housing of excess possessions, we can be possessed by our possessions.

Quite often when we hold onto our ‘stuff’ and find it difficult to let go, it is showing us that there is more going on below the surface. When you are so attached to your possessions and the thought of ‘getting rid of’ them creates anxiety and distress, then you may have a HOARDER DISORDER.

Simpson’s Junk Angels!


Hoarding often creates such cramped living conditions that homes may be filled to capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter. Countertops, sinks, stoves, desks, stairways and virtually all other surfaces are usually piled with stuff. And when there’s no more room inside, the clutter may spread to the garage, vehicles, yard and other storage facilities.

Hoarding ranges from mild to severe. In some cases, hoarding may not have much impact on your life, while in other cases it seriously affects your functioning on a daily basis.


  • Excessively acquiring items that are not needed or for which there’s no space
  • Persistent difficulty throwing out or parting with your things, regardless of actual value
  • Feeling a need to save these items, and being upset by the thought of discarding them
  • Building up of clutter to the point where rooms become unusable
  • Having a tendency toward indecisiveness, perfectionism, avoidance, procrastination, and problems with planning and organizing


  • Indecision
  • Overwhelm
  • Stressful life events such as the death of a loved one, divorce, eviction or losing possessions in a fire.
  • Possible mental health issues.


Hoarding isn’t just limited to our possessions it can relate to many other aspects of our lives. Here are some other examples of hoarding:


Sometimes friendships have an expiry date. Some people enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When a friend is in the season or reason category it is important to recognise this and let them go when the timing is right.


When we live in a place of lack then it may be difficult to part with our money because we do not trust that the universe will support us. You may have a lot of money in the back yet hold on to it with your dear life, fearful you might lose it. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to explore your relationship with money and see what is going on for you.


Do you love your work? Are you too scared to leave your current position as you are fearful that you won’t find another job? If your work does not spark joy for you, then perhaps begin to look for joy in your current position or take a leap of faith and search for another job.

If you hoard books doesn’t that make you a librarian? 😉


The KonMari Method is a simple and practical guide to tidying. It guides you how to tidy up things all at once by categories, and the steps are clear. Clothes first, then books, papers, miscelaneous, and lastly sentimental items.

The Konmari Method is not only effective for tidying homes, it can also increase spiritual awareness and improve overall decision-making. It transforms individuals and truly enables them to spark more joy in their lives. I love watching the Marie Kondo show, ‘tidying up’ on netflix!

You ask the question “does it spark joy?” which is the determining factor for deciding what to keep and what to give or throw away.

When you use joy as your standard, you confront each of your things earnestly, and reflect on whether they make you happy in the present. Consequently, you will begin to realize what kinds of things you want to surround yourself with and what your idea of happiness really is.

Then, you can apply this decision-making standard of “joy” to your work and relationships. You will begin to feel more confident in recognizing and pursuing what makes you happy.

In fact, people who apply the KonMari Method take steps toward their ideal life by changing jobs, starting their own businesses, or improving their health and diet.

Blind to our clutter!


An important factor in working on yourSELF and your home is to understand the Universal Flow of Energy (UFE). The UFE is essentially the flow of life. If you are in 100% flow then you are energetically open to life, life flows through you without resistance. If you are 0% UFE then you are blocked. You feel stuck and find it difficult to move forward in life and connect with the flow. If you are in -% then you will attract negativity and life will feel like a black cloud is hanging over you drawing it into your life.

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