Cognitive dissonance is defined as a mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs don’t line up with your actions. “It’s an uncomfortable state of mind when someone has contradictory values, attitudes, or perspectives about the same thing,”

“The degree of discomfort varies with the subject matter, as well as with how well the person copes with self-contradiction.”

The truth is that the people in “Power” have no more authority to govern you than any other corporation does? And the authority that they have is the mere “perception” of authority.

Putting a monkey in a parliamentary office doesn’t make him a Prime minister, it turns the parliament into a circus and that exactly what this corporate commonwealth government is, a circus. And I know that this is not my circus and these are not my monkeys.

Did you know that there are two commonwealths, one is a corporate commonwealth circus and the other is the original, non-corporate commonwealth. Voting in the Corporate Commonwealth Elections means that you are giving your consent to be governed by a corporate circus of monkeys and clowns. They make up acts and legislation that belong to a fiction jurisdiction. Australians have been fooled by a bunch of bad actors.

Let’s be honest, at some level you know that there is something fundamentally wrong with this corporation government. The great Commonwealth has been invaded by stealth and subterfuge and we have allowed it to happen and on top of that we vote for it.

When the dust settles after the corporate election circus and people begin to realise that nothing has changed. The pantomime of power hasn’t shifted you need to know that there is another option available.

We are not reclaiming an Office Building, we are reclaiming the Offices of the original “Parliament of The Commonwealth” Their Counterfeit Corporate Copy of this is the “AUSTRALIAN PARLAMENT”… the Office is not a physical thing, for example a man can not be a Priest – He occupies the the Office of a Priest.

The Office is what gives this the Authority by way of the Constitution, and the authority is confined by that Office. Any man or woman that goes beyond the authority of the Office will be held liable in their private capacity.

We are reclaiming and restoring the original parliament of the Commonwealth and will hold elections in the near future to lawfully vote in the men and women who represent “We the People”. Politicians and political parties will have no place in this election. Only unincorporated commonwealth Nationals, who have a natural born and pledged allegiance to the Commonwealth. They need to be of good character, sound mind and have the ability to put their own views aside as they represent the will of the people.

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Produced by Dawn Kelly