Horary astrology translated means “of the hour”, it is a divinatory tool that uses a birth chart created for the moment a client’s question is asked. 

It is a practical form of astrology that gives clear answers that are quickly proven either right or wrong. Using techniques not often used in modern natal astrology, a specially trained astrologer is able to accurately analyse any given situation using a horary chart.

I lost my mobile phone recently and Roslyn helped me find it. She accurately described it’s location using the art of Horary Astrology. She created an astrology chart at the time the question was asked and she accurately predicted it’s location.

We all know what it feels like when we lose something of importance to us. Another example of how Horary Astrology helped me was when my friends keys were missing. He was incredibly stressed, I knew that we would eventually find them as the only place they could be was in his house.

A quick phone call to Roslyn and we found the keys within 10 minutes. The description she gave us was that they were located in the Eastern part of the house near a heater and near a chimney.

We told her that the keys were normally kept near the stove next to the extractor fan in the kitchen but for some reason they were not there.

Riddle me this… She then explained that there was a movable element involved and they are not in a fixed position.

Roslyn was spot on with her description. The keys were located near the kitchen in an Easterly position in the front seat of the car that was parked near the back door next.

If you have lost something and need to find it, message Roslyn on 0407 220 205 with your name, a brief description of the item that you have lost. She will then create a chart to locate your lost item. Her fee for this service is $50.

About Roslyn

Roslyn has 30 years’ experience in Western Astrology and specialises in Personal Charts, also Horary Astrology, this system helps find missing objects of value eg. car keys, small animals etc and charts related to World Events.

Astrology is a fascinating field that many people find valuable for gaining
insights into themselves and the world around them. Roslyn expains that charts provide, the insights into a person’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, life path and potential life events.

Roslyn offers an in-depth interpretation from the charts, helping individuals
better understand themselves and make an informed decision. She complements this with Numerology and Tarot to add dimension and support to the reading.

Mobile: 0407 220 205