Under section 270.1 of The Criminal Code Act 1995 defines SLAVERY as the condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised, including where such a condition results from a debt or contract made by the person.

They go on to say that SLAVERY IS UNLAWFUL.

Forcing a man or woman into personage against their express will is slavery. Many aren’t aware that the ‘ALL CAPS’ name is your slave name/identity.

As slavery was overtly abolished in the 1800’s it was covertly reintroduced in 1933 when the birth certificate registration was introduced and we ALL became slave stock and floated on the stock market.

All roads lead to the drivers license

Through my own experience, I have come to realise that the DRIVERS LICENSE is a BONDAGE AND DISCIPLINE tool. If the DRIVERS LICENSE was purely used as an instrument to ensure that all road users were at a uniform standard to enable safe travel on the Kings Roads, I would not have a problem with this and with the amount of video montoring and surveillance on the roads it is looking more and more like the CCP every day.

The DRIVERS LICENSE is a tool for debt slavery!

If you identify as the ‘ALL CAPS’ name on your drivers licence then you are agreeing to joinder as a corporate slave bearing the rights and privillages of the ‘PERSON’, the dead legal fiction.

Policy Enforcers, Magistrates and Judges have power over the ‘ALL CAPS NAME’ ‘PERSON’. When you joinder with the SURNAME and the Date of Birth and/or hand over the DRIVERS LICENSE you are consenting to legal joinder.

The interesting thing that many are finding is that the Living Man arguement is not working and generally most are railroaded into personage and baratry.

I have explored many paths on my journey to Practical Lawful Ascension and I have learnt that a puritanical Common Law or the Admiralty Law approach isn’t the answer. We must master all aspects of Law being Land, Air and Water being Land (Law of the Commons/ Common Law), Air (Spiritual Law/ Ecclesiastic/ Trust Law) and Water (Admiralty/ Contract Law).

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your ‘ALL CAPS’ Slave name is summons into court, which is actually a sweat equity harvesting chamber aka a Globalist Bank you will be rail roaded into personage. If you don’t agree to being the SLAVE NAME the trust (Fraudulant Birth Certificate Trust) will be be administered unlawfully under the LAW of MERCHANT in the ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION. A summary judgement will be made and labelled as a criminal judgement. And you will be bound to pay the penalty imposed by the court.