The definition of INTENTION is something that you want or plan to do.

Life is so busy for most of us that we sometimes lose sight of our wants or needs and we become swept away by the tidal pull of LIFE!

YOU-GA is 100% about taking time out from our schedules and focusing on our inner world. Recalibrating our INNER COMPASS focusing on our own personal INTENTION, in other words, what is it that we intend for ourSELVES in our lives.

It starts with an INNER FEELING and then extends to the OUTER WORLD. As a YOU-GI I invite you to ask yourSELF, how do you want to feel and what do you want to manifest in your life?

Through our individual and unified INTENTION our YOU-GA sessions amplify our energy fields to strengthen our intention.

The music playlist is different for each session and changes depending on the groups requirements. Please be led by your INNER TUITION and follow the YOUnique flow of your body.

YOU-GA is a reminder for us all to do this in LIFE and embrace our own individual song.

Please bring a friend to the next YOU-GA session and share the magic as it unfolds.

Krishna and Radha Festival is Chandigarh, PUNJAB INDIA