I have concerns about the future of Western Australia under the corporate dictatorship of MaoGowan and his relationship with China and the United Nations.

What is even more concerning is the unsuspecting Western Australian population has no idea of what is coming. They have been distracted by bread and circuses. Mark McGowan’s facebook page paints a picture of popularity transforming politicians into super cool rockstars.

The COVID plandemic has fizzled out yet the Western Australian Government is flogging this dead horse. The Government of Western Australia Department of Health have a biased focus on COVID-19 statistics. The question is why? To what end? What did COVID-19 show us in terms of Government control?

Mark McGowan is a Big Pharma Sales Rep

Many of my fellow Western Australians were forced into taking an experimental Gene Therapy that was never approved by the T.G.A. The truth about the COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths have been suppressed yet Mark MaoGowan and his corporation Government is still pushing the COVID-19 injectable. How many of these vaccines were purchased and at what cost? Who profited from this? Who authorized this decision?

We are known by our actions and if you do not agree with the direction that Mark MaoGowan is taking our State then do something about it. He does not have the authority to dictate medical mandates and border closures. He does not have the authority to allow China to dictate policy unless we consent.

The increase in video surveillance in urban Western Australia, a militarized police force enforcing corporation policy, UN smart city agenda being rolled out by unlawful local Governments, medical dictatorship is leading to diminished freedoms and increased Government control.

I say NO!

I am taking steps to separate myself from the Corporation Government and I am holding the line. I know that the Police have no authority and it is my mission to make those who trespass against my Estate accountable.