In this moment of contemplation and gratitude I am guided to share some insights about mySELF and why I love my life soooo much.

It hasn’t always been this way and I have moments, days and weeks where I have not felt the LOVE, especially when it comes to mySELF and others.

When I step out of the way of my ego I am able to have those honest and centred conversations with my greatest SELF, I am able to acknowledge that the things or aspects that I truly and deeply love about my existence in the human experience.

My life is messy

My life is messy, organic, tangled, crazy and half the time I really don’t know what I am doing or what the hell is going on. I am literally feeling my way through my life, in every moment, with every breath. I don’t know until I do know. 

Feeling deeply connected to my life purpose which is play, joy and a deep connection to my Innermost Child, my heart opens like the 1000 petal lotus embracing all of me and what is with a sense of freedom and Godliness. 

For a long time I had beat mySELF, I struggled greatly, I felt embroiled in war and conflict and was unable to see the truth of ME. My partner and I had experienced financial hardship, loss and were deeply wounded by the events of our lives. And in all honesty, we are still processing and working through the painful debris that is present in our emotional, mental and physical existence.

Loving what is

I love what has happened to me because it calls me to deeply connect with mySELF. My mantra is and has been for a long while to be the HIGHEST most awakened manifestation of mySELF so that I can be the ASCENDED MASTER of MY OWN LIFE.

That is exactly what is happening. My trauma and pain have been my wake up call. I see that it has been a gift not only for mySELF but to my partner and my children and for that I am grateful. Every volcanic eruption, every storm that clears the air, each tidal wave of messy emotion show us exactly where our consciousness is in that moment. At times there have been severe weather warnings and catastrophic events and they pass and the space is created, the space of awareness, understanding and growth.

I love my messy, unpredictable, spontaneous, chaotic adventure that is my life. I love not knowing what is going to happen next, in the famous words of Doris Day, Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. Allow life to unfold before you and be prepared to have the adventure of your LIFE.