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Have you ever thought that there is something fundamentally ‘off’ with our Government? Here we find our COMMON-WEALTH being not so COMMONLY-WEALTHY with the WEALTH of the COMMONS being placed in the hands of not the WE THE PEOPLE but CORPORATIONS.

This has happened SLOWLY over time. We the People have been deceived by those that are not who they appear. The POLITICIANS DO NOT WORK for WE THE PEOPLE they are PRIVATE CORPORATATE POLITICAL PARTIES! Lurking behind the scenes in dark corners are WOLVES in SHEEPS CLOTHING with strong affiliations with THE FABIAN SOCIETY.

We as a collective have been asleep at the wheel and it is now time to WAKEUP. We need to learn the truth of what has happened to our GREAT NATION (not to be mistaken with the UNITED NATIONS) so that we can FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS MESS!

This is a BIG STORY so I will do my best to simplify it and provide the details and context that it deserves.

HaKoRas timeline

The CROWN is more than a fancy hat. The CROWN represents the AUTHORITY of the SOVEREIGN. There are TWO CROWNS that we need to be aware of is the IMPERIAL CROWN and the ST EDWARDS CROWN.

The IMPERIAL CROWN displays a dome like structure overarching the crown and it tells us that the REALM and the CROWN is in TACT. It shows us that we are not under the burden of DEBT. It is the crown that symbolises our TRUE ALIGNMENT TO GOD under the sanctity of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND because the QUEEN is the DEFENDER OF THE FAITH.

The ST EDWARDS CROWN shows us that the CROWN is under the control of the VATICAN and the REALM is under the burden of DEBT.

Most may not be aware that in 1961 legal changes were made which resulted in the rebranding of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND to the ANGLICAN CHURCH as per the ANGLICAN CHURCH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT 1961.

And further we can see the amalgamation of the Anglican and Catholic Church in the Roman Catholic Church (Incorporation of Church Entities) Act 1994. More evidence the VATICAN has taken hold.

Respectful of each individuals freedom to choose, what this shows us is the emergence of this RE-LEGION CORPSE CORPORATE ENTITY. The etymology of LEGION is c. 1200, “a Roman legion,” from Old French legion “squad, band, company, Roman legion,” from Latin legionem (nominative legio) “Roman legion, body of soldiers, a levy of troops,” from legere “to gather; to choose, pick out, select,” from PIE root *leg- (1) “to collect, gather.”

Re – LEGION clearly defines what is happeing right now.

Our connection to GOD under the 1611 KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE gives us LAWFUL status as a LIVING MAN or WOMAN who is of the LAND. The KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE is the oldest ROYAL ASCENTED LAW BOOK of the LIVING MAN and WOMAN. 

We find ourselves in the middle of a TAKE OVER. The WOLF in SHEEPS clothing has deceptively directed our RE- ALLEGIANCE and were none the wiser.

The emergence of the era of the CORONA/CROWN is waking many up. We are here because it is now time to STAND UNITED as ‘We the People’ under the TRUE LINE OF AUTHORITY as the LIVING MEN and WOMEN that we are.


PARLIMENT HOUSE has offically been vacant since 1988 when the GOVERNMENT CORPORATION moved to a new building which is the CORPORATION HEADQUATERS of the ELECTED MEMBERS of the REGISTERD POLITICAL PARTIES. At the time BOB HAWKE MP held the Seals of the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT as affixed to Governor-General Amendment Act 1988.

In 1988 THE QUEEN refused to grant any Letters Patent, to any PRIVATE PERSON or to any elected Member of a REGISTERD POLITICAL PARTY inside the Deeds the Constitutions of the Registered Political Parties and held to the Memorandum of Understanding of the Registered Political Parties and held in a signed person to person De facto relationships with each other and held to the philosophies and policies of the political parties inside their own private Parliament House of Australia which was opened in 1988.

Any POLITICALLY APPOINTED and SWORN GOVERNOR-GENERAL, personally appointed by the Prime Minister of Australia inside and of the Australian Government and holding the Great Seal of Australia, can only seal the at the direction of the CEO of the Australian Government which is the PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA holding the Seal affixed Corporations Act 1989 Act No. 109 of 1989.

The QUEEN refused to grant any ROYAL STYLE AND TITLE to the elected Members of the Registered Political Parties. Elizabeth R signing above the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 means that she takes no responsibility for what is below it. It is clear that there is skull dugery afoot!

There was no official announcement made on the 19th October, 1973 and given to the people present at Parliament House when the QUEEN signed and given the assets of the Company which included the land, and included the gold, silver, and the petroleum and helium, in the States and Territories of the Commonwealth, and there has never been any announcement since.

The Royal Style and Titles Act 114 of 1973, is Sealed the identical Seal as affixed on the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 and Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, and so affixed, did not allow, permit or grant any real, personal property or money, to be taken and used by the private persons, the elected members of the Registered Political Parties, to be used as private equity for any private Australian Government, a single legislature or a “Unicameral” Parliament of Australia not being of the Commonwealth of Australia. Australian Government is a privately operated Australian business only, which was in fact commenced trading in Australian Decimal Currency to make a profit for the political parties and the firm and commenced trading on 14th February, 1966.

The privately elected members of the political parties elected into the Australian Government, for the administration of the private Australian business a private business corporation, and were not permitted to, sell or trade in the real, personal property or money of the shareholders, or to be used and sold to make a profit for the firm being a private Australian business.

1999 sold 187 tonne of gold from the Royal Australia Mint or the Commonwealth Treasury of which your Majesty the Queen holds the keys to the Treasury. The elected Members of the Political Parties, sold the gold to pay the private debts incurred worldwide, by the political parties, these people are exactly the same as Charles I, and the people that surrounded him in 1627.

On the 14th FEBRUARY 1966 with no referendum of the people, the elected Members of the House of Representatives, and the Members of the Legislative Assemblies of the 6 States of the Commonwealth of Australia replaced the Legal Tender of the IMPERIAL Company pounds, shillings and pence and began trading in, the REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY OF THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THE COMPANY, which was held by contract under Seal as held to Partnership Act 1890, and held to criminal offences under the Crimes Act 1914.

The elected and sworn Members of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia and the elected and sworn Members of the Legislative Assemblies, inside the Constitutions of the 6 States of the Commonwealth had signed private person to person contract’s with “foreign Queen “Elizabeth II, of a “foreign nation” AUSTRALIA and the holder of the Seal as affixed to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948, and the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and the Currency Act 1965.

Those elected people of the COMPANY were people who were in fact also Members of Registered Political Parties Members of the Liberal Party inside the private Constitutions of Liberal Party of Australia. The current Chief Executive Officer is the PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA, being an INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION registered on the New York Stock Exchange is Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP and elected Member inside the Constitution of the Liberal Party.

What this meant was that LAND held in the DEED OF GRANT that was held in the IMPERIAL MEASUREMENTS of the CROWN acres etc and also held in the IMPERIAL MEASUREMENTS of the CROWN in feet, yards miles etc. were converted into Metric Measurements. The land held in the Deed of Grant became the property of a ‘FOREIGN QUEEN’ the holder of the Royal Styles and Title as held to Royal Styles and Titles Act 114 of 1973 and remains the same to this day.

Our change in CURRENCY without a REFERENDUM meant that change were made to our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS without INFORMED CONSENT. What this actually meant was that by moving from the IMPERIAL to DECIMAL meant that we had officially lost our SOVEREIGN STATUS because the CROWN was no longer backing our money.

This subject is extensively more complex than this, I am merely highlighting the key point.

The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA has a FOUNDING DOCUMENT called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)



As mentioned earlier, the parliament moved into the new PARLIAMENT HOUSE in 1988 which coincided with BOB HAWKE ‘THE FABIAN’ AUSTRALIA ACT because as a PRIVATE POLITICAL PARTY they had no AUTHORITY to operate their PRIVATE CORPORATION there.

The Australian Ensign flag flies on top of a pyramid above the new parliament house because they have NO RIGHTS TO THE LAND as only the CROWN does.

In WESTERN AUSTRALIA we do not have MLA’s (Members of Legislative Assembly) that is a representative elected by the voters of a constituency to the legislature or legislative assembly of a sub-national jurisdiction, we have MP’s (Members of Parliament).

The Legislative Assembly offers due process of debate and consideration when passing a bill through parilament.


Under the PARTNERSHIP ACT 1890 we are shareholders in the Company the Commonwealth of Australia, a subject of her Majesty the Queen, the current holder of the Crown.

The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a PRIVATE COMPANY and every person is held to the aims and objects of the shareholders and that is to make a profit for the shareholders, and for the benefit of the shareholders who live reside and inside and work within the Constitutions of the former Colonies now being the 6 Sates of the Commonwealth.

There must be sworn and appointed GOVERNOR GENERAL of the Commonwealth of Australia personally sworn and appointed by the QUEEN. Holding the separation of powers between church and state and holding the Letters Patent constituting the office of Governor-General 29 October 1900 (UK) to allow a representative government of the people the shareholders of the Company to assemble and operate.

The GOVERNOR GENERAL is the only person that can allow the taking of the money, Pounds Sterling from the Consolidated Revenue of the Company to pay any debts or outstanding accounts of the Company or to pay the salaries and wages of Civil Servants who are employed, on behalf of the shareholders for the administration of the company only and the Governor-General must ensure that the Company has the funds in the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Company to meet its commitments when requested by the Executive Government, to pay those accounts etc.

As the Commonwealths of Australia is a company, the elected representatives of the company, cannot, what may be termed as to overspend or borrow and place the Company into so much debt that the debts cannot be serviced by the Shareholders of the Company and place the Company into insolvency, incurring debts that cannot be repaid and forced into receivership and bankruptcy. The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution

The Companies Act 1948 is an Act to consolidate the Companies Act, 1929, the Companies Act, (other than the provisions thereof relating to the registration of business names, bankruptcy, and the prevention of fraud in connection with unit trusts)

The Queen is the current holder of the CROWN and the current holder of the Imperial Seal on the Companies Act 1948 and the current holder of the COMPANIES ACT 1948 II & 12 Ceo. 6. Chapter 38 and the holder of all Imperial Laws and held to the Common Law of England.




The Petition of Right, passed on 7 June 1628, is an English constitutional document setting out specific individual protections against the state, reportedly of equal value to Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1689. It was part of a wider conflict between Parliament and the Stuart monarchy that led to the 1638 to 1651 Wars of the Three Kingdoms, ultimately resolved in the 1688 Glorious Revolution.

Following a series of disputes with Parliament over granting taxes, in 1627 Charles I imposed “forced loans”, and imprisoned those who refused to pay, without trial. This was followed in 1628 by the use of martial law, forcing private citizens to feed, clothe and accommodate soldiers and sailors, which implied the king could deprive any individual of property, or freedom, without justification. It united opposition at all levels of society, particularly those elements the monarchy depended on for financial support, collecting taxes, administering justice etc, since wealth simply increased vulnerability.


I, David John Walter, of Lot xxx1 xxxxxxxxx Road, Watsonville Queensland, I am a single share holder in the Company Commonwealth of Australia, and a subject of Her Majesty the Queen, in the PREAMBLE the DEED of the Company the of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) I David John Walter, place this caveat over all the land and seas of the Colonies, now States and the Territories within the Commonwealth of Australia as held to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, as held to [53 & 54 VICT] Partnership Act, 1890. [CH. 39.]

This Caveat is to hold the common law rights of the Crown being an individual private person and to protect the absolute rights to their real and personal property, which includes their money in the legal tender of The Commonwealth, of every individual natural person of The Commonwealth of Australia including the Queen, held to the common law of Her Majesty being the owner of the lands in an allodial title for everything found in, on, over and under those lands and the law of the lands of all the Colonies, now States within The Commonwealth of Australia and held to the Habeas Corpus Act 1862 and also all property held in Consolidated Revenue by the Governor General of The Commonwealth of Australia o stew Company, as held inside the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as Proclaimed and Gazette, the property of us, the People commencing from 13th February 1966. Further to hold the absolute common law right of every individual natural person, including the Queen on the lands and seas of the six States of The Commonwealth of Australia held to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as Proclaimed and Gazetted where Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth 2, is the current holder of those lands in the Constitutions of the States as the constitutional Sovereign and an individual private person and the current holder of the COMPANIES ACT of 1961 10 Eliz. 2 No. 55 – An Act to Consolidate and Amend the Law relating to Companies. [Assented to 28 December 1961], and the current holder of the [53 & 54 VICT] Partnership Act, 1890. [CH. 39.]

Further, to hold every commercial contract for the sale or purchase of any lands of the Crown, where a commercial contract has been entered into by both parties to common law, as Her Majesty, the Crown – ELIZABETHÆ REGINÆ SECUNDÆ is the guarantor of those commercial contracts and held to the common law and canon law- the laws of God held to the Church of England and the current holder of the [53 & 54 VICT] Partnership Act, 1890. [CH. 39.] Page 2 of 2 Refer: The Commonwealth of Australia -v- The State of New South Wales and Another [1923] 33 CLR 1 (9 August 1923)

To Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison MP.

Parliament House,

Parliament Drive Canberra 2600.

If this is the first time that you are hearing this information, I suggest that you read David Walters documents throughly and gain a full INNER STANDING of how powerful this document is.