Bumper Sticker Kelly v FIANDER [2023] WASC 187



Thou Shalt not not appear as the living man or woman in Court.

The Kelly v FIANDER [2023] WASC 187 bumper sticker is a message to every policy enforcer to think twice before interfering with your peaceful travel and trespassing on your Estate. Owain FIANDER is the name of the Policy Enforcer who initiated a prosecution notice which led to Albany Magistrate Dianne Scaddan ruling that Dawn-Michelle Executor of the Dawn Michelle Kelly Estate did not appear in court yet Dawn was physically present in the court room.

The forementioned Magistrate proceeded from s.55 of the Criminal Procedure Act WA to s.44 non-appearance resulting in a summary judgement of around $1200.00. Dawn appealed this decision and won in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. It was determined that the Magistrate Erred in her judgement which led to a miscarriage of justice. What happens is the WESTERN AUSTRALIA POLICE [ABN 91 724 684 688] in an attempt to limit their liability, they throw their employees under the bus hiding the fact that the Supreme Court Appeal is a police matter.

Kelly v FIANDER [2023] WASC 187 is a jurisprudence case law that has set a precedent. What this case means is that a living man or woman can ‘appear’ in court and they cannot deny your appearance.

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