Relationships are living, moving, ever changing symphonies. Sometimes they are a harmonious masterpiece and other times they are painfully out of tune, clashing at every connection point.

If your relationship/s are not harmonious it is an interesting exercise to do an energetic diagnostic. Looking at the hidden energies that are influencing your relationship vibration.

Third party energies are a factor to consider if your relationship is out of tune and you are inharmoniously incompatible. Theses influences in some cases come from a person or a situation causing your vibration to go off key. In other cases it is an inwardly driven process. What ever the root cause it is highly recommended to give your relationship an energic diagnostic and tune-up.

Self exploration is a vital element in this process. It is empowering to shine the light of awareness on your relationship incompatibilites and when this is combined with precision intuition you have a very potent tuning process.

I recently worked with a couple who were having relationship issues and were in crisis. After an energic diagnostic it was determined that there was a third party influence that was creating havoc in their relationship. A key factor was space. After an intense period of self and unified exploration combined with an Inner Compass® Modern feng shui process to identify the key themes of the marital home and flow, it was identified that the heart centre of the home was closed. The intense conflict had shut down the couples ability to connect and demonstrate love. The powerful affirmation to bring love back was ‘LOVE IS ENOUGH’ opened the heart centre and love flooded into the space. KISS Stones and Divinity Codes were used also.

The beautiful clarification was that the wife needed space to process and disengage from her husbands issues. As an empath she was getting lost in his issues and needed to create some healthy boundaries. She did this by setting up the spare room as her retreat. This meant that she was making herSELF a priority a common theme for many of us.

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