There are two Constitutions the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 (UK) with the preamble and the Corporate Political copyrighted Australian Constitution that removed ‘We the People’, the Crown, God, the great seal and common law. Perhaps this is why Australia is in such a mess!

A quick summary of what happened

We are a self-governing Nation, At the top is the Crown which is God, represented by the reigning monarch under oath. Under the Crown are ‘we the people’ Under ‘we the people’ is our Constitution. Under our Constitution sits the 3 tiers of governance, both houses of Parliament, State and Federal, and the Judiciary. The people of Australia voted in OUR Constitution in January 1901 with a resounding YES by the vast majority in all States.  It is Law!

In 1973 the then occupant of the office of Gough Whitlam and his unionist/Fabianist mate Bob Hawk conspired to remove our Constitution from Schools, Colleges and Universities to keep the new generations IGNORANT which they did. We had a ‘silent’ coup, it seems that most of the politicians and Judiciary, whether they agreed with it or not, kept their mouth shut. As did the good ole trusty ABC, the people’s ABC, who LIED by OMISSION. Since 1973 we have been under the umbrella of the UN and all it’s tentacles, without our knowledge (see UNIDROIT treaty of Rome)

In March, 1975, Whitlam surreptitiously signed us up the the United Nations Lima Declaration, a treasonous act. In 1986, the then PM Bob Hawke made the Australia Act law, without a Referendum, removed the Crown (God and oath), and created a Queen of Australia and good ole Bobbie Hawke made himself Queen of Australia.

In 1999, a new ‘revised’ Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, copyrighted to the Government, was published. They plagiarised OUR Constitution, and added the Australia Act and other unlawful, treasonous acts into it, and called it the second printing.  This was a heinous criminal act of High Treason. But they got away with it, because the people didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors. The media didn’t tell them. This is just a very very short version of the treasonous crimes, treachery and corruption the politicians and the Judiciary have committed against we the people and our country.

The only Constitution the VOICE referendum can change is the copyrighted corporate political look-alike constitution. Not the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) as Proclaimed and Gazetted as Political Parties are not a part of this. Not one Politician has sworn the correct Oath.

SCHEDULE OATH. I, A.B., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Her heirs and successors according to law. SO HELP ME GOD !

AFFIRMATION. I, A.B. , do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Her heirs and successors according to law. (NOTE.—The name of the King or Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the time being is to be substituted from time to time.)”

The question is, why do the vast majority of Australians not know our true history?

The reason is because of a treaty known as the DECLARATION REGARDING THE TEACHING OF HISTORY (REVISION OF SCHOOL TEXTBOOKS) entered into force in 1939. Declaration regarding the Teaching of History (Revision of School Textbooks) [1939] ATS 3 (

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The Voice Q & A

On Sunday 20th August 2023 we went to the Voice Q & A in Perth hosted by The Centre for Independent Studies. What became very clear is that there is a genuine lack of awareness regarding the Voice Referendum and which Constitution this forementioned Constitution they propose to change. It certainly is not the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 (UK).

Part II – The Senate

7 The Senate

  The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate. 


Part III – The House of Representatives

24 Constitution of House of Representatives

          The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth, and the number of such members shall be, as nearly as practicable, twice the number of the senators. NOT BY POLITICAL PARTIES.

All Political Parties swear their Oath to the abstract Queen of Australia which Whitlam invented in 1973. Then in 1988 Constitutional Commission Whitlam being a signature to the Document, threw everybody under the bus by saying that we need a Referendum to establish the abstract Queen of Australia and also a Referendum for all Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to swear their Oaths to the Queen of Australia.


All members of Political Parties sit under their Party Constitutions. Political Parties don’t represent us. Members of Political Parties, each under their own Party’s Constitution and policies, have deceived us and our Constitutional Sovereign and Monarch, by creating under a progressive evolutionary process, Corporations that control all entities inside Parliaments, Governments and Courts “of Australia”, with NO Separation of Powers and with purported “Governor-Generals” and “Governors” under their control also.